Scrapbook Saturday

My Journal Your Christmas layouts this week


I’d originally decided not to number the pages for a change this year but 6 pages in I had some dead space that needed something and decided it needed a number. So I had to go back and number the first 5 pages.

Could have been worse. It could have occurred to me to number pages when I got to day 28.

I’m currently 5 days out. I have ideas for day 11. I have no idea for day 12. Day 13 has to wait until we are in Florida for the photos.

This journal has been very me centric, they all are when it comes to remembering. I’m the one doing it & getting opinions/thoughts of the males can sometimes be like pulling teeth. Not to mention we have no photos from DH’s childhood Christmases but I want to get DH’s memories for day 14. We have some of his childhood ornaments & I can photograph them for illustration.

I want to be as caught up as possible before we head south so I need to get cracking because while I have a week to do those 5 pages, I will have 7 more do at the end of it.

How are you doing with it, if you are doing it?

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4 comments to Scrapbook Saturday

  • Mel

    Great pages, Stacey – and I’m relieved for you that you had the idea of numbering them early enough!! The photos of the lights are fab :)

  • What a great collection of pages – I’m especially loving the ornaments one. The group of faces peering out from the ornaments makes a striking page.

  • Lovely pages Stacey – what kit/alpha did you use for that “Relax it’s only Christmas” page? Been busy doing calendar pages/toppers for the grandparent’s calendar – yeah not going to get there before Christmas hey ho…

    Been fun actually doing some scrapping tho’ ;)

    Yesterday on the digi show podcast they were talking about using journaling prompts for everyone and as they are digital being able to create pages for albums with each person at the computer at the same time.

    I’m doing something similar – I’ve printed out journaling cards and am having people write on ‘em. They’re digital so we can do as many as needed but I’m planning on making some up with real stash too.