Oh good. A challenge!

This was my laptop screen on Saturday.


Note the pink area? That’s the problem. The screen had developed an issue. Because the warranty had run out I was unable to get a proper diagnosis of the issue but it was terminal for the screen. I knew that much. Possibly it would be terminal for the whole laptop since I did not know if a laptop screen was replaceable.

Once upon a time they were not. Not so it was worth your while to do so. Repair places would say “oh I could replace it but it’d be cheaper to just get a new laptop” and faced with that why would you press to get the screen replaced?

But nowadays things are different. A comparable laptop is anywhere from $500 to $1000 depending on just which stat you are comparing. RAM? Speed? Screen size? Hard drive size? and if you are getting new why not upgrade? But a new screen is $56.

The only problem is for that $56 you just get the screen. No instructions on how to replace it.

Well….that’s what Google is for right?

So I searched for how to replace a laptop screen and it seemed straightforward enough.

Except mine doesn’t have those 4 screws like in the example. It doesn’t have any visible screws at all.

This would be because the example is a Dell and mine is an HP.  Brand matters.

So I searched for how to replace an HP laptop screen and found a video!

It talked about the ease of replacing HP screens and all I had to do was look under the 4 corner stickers for the screws

But I have no stickers in the corners for screws to be under.

This would be because it was a different model than mine. Model matters too.

OK fine! I take out the battery & write down the model number and search for how to repair exactly that model and there was another video!

And it seemed straightforward enough, maybe a little tricky in one part possibly but not bad. Only it didn’t look like my laptop and even though my model number was in the video name it was not the same model number as in the description. Mine is a 6000 series and the description said it was a 3000 series.

So this time I was less specific about the exact model and just searched for the 6000 and came up with a video that was depressing.

I was pretty much going to have to take the whole damn laptop apart to get to the two screws hiding at the bottom of the screen.

Because I’m just lucky that way.

I was chatting with DH on Google Talk while searching & he found a manual that basically said the same thing and so we were looking at hours of work and who knows how it would all turn out because we never take something apart & put it back together without there being leftover parts & that’s not good with computers.

But the thing about this video was it didn’t look like my laptop either & now that the hidden screw locations had been pointed out to me they didn’t look all that hard to get to. Not so hard I should have to take the laptop apart anyway.

So I googled some more and found yet ANOTHER video purporting to be of a 6000 series screen change!

And this time the laptop looked just like mine!

And it was a straightforward replacement, no need to take the whole thing apart like the previous models, just to exchange the screen.

I wanted it to be true. I wanted it to be true so badly I didn’t trust that it possibly could be true.

But there it was, looking like I could do it all by my lonesome in less than 15 minutes

At least, the video was only 12:30 long so even allowing for editing to remove all the screws and my own clumsiness, probably I could do it in less than an hour. After all I can cook a 30 minute meal in 45 as I don’t have a sous chef doing my prep work.

But I decided to wait for DH for the usual reason people who don’t actually need help wait for assistance – so they have someone to share in the blame if it all goes horribly wrong.


But it didn’t

Now I just need to recalibrate the monitor so if my photos look a bit greenish for a few days please let me know.

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