New ornaments!


Elvin arrived with a gift of new ornaments from Santa!

New ornaments are my favorite Christmas treat! Every year we get 4 new ones, one for each of us


The TIE Interceptor is DH’s (it plays the Imperial March). The Lego Storm Trooper is Havoc’s. The football player is Mayhem’s. He is a Green Bay fan. And the Father Christmas is mine. I collect this series.

I think we finally have a balance of Rebel & Imperial forces on the tree this year.

I’m going to have to pay close attention to what I buy in the future.

Wouldn’t want the tree taken over by the Dark Side.

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2 comments to New ornaments!

  • Oh how fun – there isn’t anything like a ornament collection here in the UK. My MIL is rather thrown that we keep them from year to year…

    Sadly, as we are treeless at the moment only the ‘favourites’ are being put out each year.

    But I love the idea of the dark side tree – have you seen on youtube Eddie Izzard’s Death Star Canteen? (Probably not when H&M are around….)

  • Oooh – a great assortment this year. I loved your JYC pages, too (doing catch up reading tonight).