Monday Musings

It’s the week before Christmas!

I only have one thing to do but it’s stressing me out because I can’t do it until later this week.

I have to pack for vacation.

I have made lists of clothes, lists of toiletries, list of electronics, and lists of food, but I can’t do anything with them. I could pack the clothes but I have no place to put the huge full suitcase. It barely fits in the closet when empty. Everything else is stuff we are using & will have to be packed either right before going to bed the night before we leave or first thing that morning.

And we are doing something different this year.

We’re going to try to make the whole 1000 mile journey in one day.

You know that old saying “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step?” Well, that step has to happen at about 4:30am if we hope to arrive before midnight.

Especially since this year we will be travelling with everyone else headed off for their holiday. We miss that on Thanksgiving by leaving the weekend before, but catch it on the way home. This year we are travelling on the weekend before Christmas & the weekend before New Year’s Eve so we get it both ways.

It will be dark when we hit the Florida state line, so rather than our usual cutting down divided highways and two lane roads, where we often miss turns & get lost briefly, we will be sticking with the interstate the whole way. Google maps has given us a different route this time, putting us through Orlando & Tampa. Which is like the 5th way Google maps has sent us over the years.

In other news my laptop screen has gone all wonky & there are pink lines on the bottom inch or so of it. 5 weeks after the warranty expired naturally. And one week before I take it to Florida where it is my only screen.  I have a second monitor I use at home so an inch of lines on the laptop screen is not that big of a deal there. DH needs a new computer (his is the oldest of the bunch, even older than the boys’ which was my dad’s old laptop from 4 years ago) & we’ve been saving towards it. We can’t really afford to get me one as well right now.

But then I found a replacement screen for my exact model laptop for $50!  It’ll be here later today!.  Though gods only know we’re supposed to install it. I’m hoping it comes with instructions, or I can find a YouTube video about it.

And of course there is the recent events in Connecticut.

We hadn’t told the boys about it Friday evening because we hadn’t known yet what to say.

Turns out they’d already learned about it on Minecraft.

Because we forgot that it was a social place as well as a game.

Big parenting fail there.

They are 3rd & 4th graders and it’s tricky for me to know what they are likely to hear & how to explain it in their terms. They aren’t little any more. The ‘bad man’ thing doesn’t work but discussing mental illness & gun control & our society’s failure to help families help damaged people is a bit too much for them.

The boys’ school called at 8pm last night with suggestions of what to tell our kids & it basically boils down to tell them we live in a close knit community & they are safe. We have procedures in place & they will be taken care of. They are safe at school

I know there really isn’t anything else you can tell them, but I have to think the parents in Sandy Hook thought the same thing.

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3 comments to Monday Musings

  • Safe travels! We’re making about 850 miles in one day ourselves… but we’re also without kids. heh Good luck!! (And I hate packing, too)

  • Good luck with your trip. I usually pack a week in advance, so I applaud your instincts. Not much discussion with my kids about the shootings. I think they’re of an age where it’s not such a fear for them. There’s a great Mr.Rogers article and pod cast kindof thing if you google Mr. Rogers look for the helpers, it will pop up.

  • Mel

    I wish you luck with the packing and the travel. We expect to hit more traffic than usual when we make our journeys this year, but we don’t have anything like the same distance to cover as you do.

    The Connecticut events – so hard. We haven’t actually discussed it with our two yet at all, I was putting it off I think and waiting to see if they heard and mentioned it themselves. How do you find words for something like that?