Making plans

We are going visiting for the holidays this year! 

This makes me feel a bit rushed for some reason.

It’s not like December is usually chock full of activities I now have to find some way to cram into a week’s less time.

I do basically three things in December – I arrange a holiday photo card shoot (and then the reshoot); we decorate cookies with some friends and we host a New Year’s Eve party.

We mostly decided to call off the party though we might have some friends over. But it won’t be a party party. Not the kind of party that you have plan & make food for. It’ll be a bit more pot luck style. As in, “hey we just got back in town 12 hours ago and this was the party tray still remaining in the 3rd grocery store I visited. I hope you all like liver canapés,unripe strawberries & generic orange soda.”

I prefer a bit more planning when I have a party. I like to make stuff, like a variety of small sandwiches. I like a nice cheese platter & a selection of jam & crackers. Perhaps a nice warming creamy soup to drink around the bonfire. I have a horror of there not being enough food. Which usually means we are eating cheese & soup for days because I prepared too much.

Though there is never any booze or hot chocolate left.

I spoke with my friend Mel (Have you bought her book yet?) about the cookie decorating thing & it looks like we’ll be doing it this weekend.

Mel & I are both a bit OCD about cutting cookies out & getting the most cookies per dough rolling possible, and the kids just slam the cutters down at random, not caring if they cut another shape in half while cutting a new shape. After a couple of years of stressing out while gently instructing the kids on how to cut out cookies & restraining ourselves from snatching the cutters out of their hands, we decided it was much better all around if we just make the cookies ahead & get together to decorate them.

We don’t care how they decorate them, if they outline the shape, squiggle all over the cookie, use random dots, whatever. Just DON’T lick the spoon you are using to ice the cookie!!

Plus having the cookies premade cuts the whining time down while waiting for them to cool enough to ice. Mayhem always insists they are cool while crying about how they burned his fingers.

But that was like 2 seconds ago & they are certainly cool now, he is sure.

We do let the kids cut out some cookies, but it’s better if we do that when they aren’t together. Together the 4 of them seem to have a contest to see who can do it the fastest & with the least attention to detail possible. I make 3 dozen cream cheese sugar cookies & 4 dozen chocolate sugar cookies & the boys get to cut out about a dozen and a half each. Mel makes 6 dozen regular sugar cookies & sometimes gingerbread ones as well.

When we get together we mix up icing & dye bowls of it about 8 different colors, put some in plastic bags with tips for creating lines & put spoons in the rest for spreading around.

We end up with a sticky mess & lots of decorated cookies we divide up between us.

I have no idea what we will do with all the cookies as we will be gone when we usually are still eating them.

Maybe that is what is stressing me out.

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