Holiday Cards

I don’t make my own paper cards. I’d have to cut out things & we all know I am hopeless when it comes that. If it wasn’t for digital I wouldn’t scrap at all because there are kindergarten kids with better scissors skills than I have and I am far more likely to cut myself than the paper with a rotary cutter.  

I don’t mail out purchased cards either. They require stamps & while I know I have stamps somewhere, I can’t find them.  They are the ‘forever’ kind I bought when they were first introduced years ago, and then bought again the following year because I couldn’t find them & then bought again the year after that for the same reason & now I refuse to buy any more because they have to be *somewhere* in this house. I won’t stand in the huge line to just buy the exact number of stamps I need & it never fails that I need 18 stamps & can only buy packs of 16 from the machine so I have 14 stamps leftover that get put who knows where & I can never find again when I need them.

I make digital cards and email them to people and put them up here & on Facebook.

It’s not faster, nor is it easier.

Far from it, as anyone who has been around the past few Christmases knows (2009, 2010, 2011). Between the clones, the bounty hunters, the dinos & the boys, digital card photo shoots are a major undertaking of time & effort.

I’m trying to decide what sort of card I want this year.

I always want to do something with candlelight but given who I have to deal with, it is fraught with possible dangers. 


I like this but the flame quickly gets too big


Echo is in danger of helmet melt now.

And I’d have to do the whole shoot in the bathroom to get sufficient darkness. It’s a narrow bathroom & I can’t see myself, my tripod, the boys, the clones, the bounty hunters & the dinos, plus open flame, working at all well in that space.

But on the upside there isn’t much to catch on fire in the bathroom if I put the towels & the bathmat in the closet.  Though I’d need to get Mayhem to wear a bandana or something to contain his curls


Then I thought, given their recent letters to Santa, what was needed was a gift exchange. Everyone draw names, buy one another gifts & we can do a photo shoot with everyone & their gifts around the tree.


But given my past efforts at getting everyone to just get along for an hour, I’m not sure I am up to making the threats required to pull it off

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