Good times!

We had a great Christmas!

Back in September or so the boys said what they really wanted to have lots of gifts to open & I said fine, I’ll wrap up a bunch of socks for them.

They thought I was kidding


Most of these boxes have socks in them.




They also each got a 3DS and a game plus a team hoodies and a Minecraft tee shirt.

I got some chocolates, some tights, word puzzles, money and the thing I am holding is an instant read infrared thermometer, just point it at a surface & push the button & it will tell you the temperature. I’ve been wanting one for ages, mostly so I can tell what parts of my skillet are the hottest & coldest when I am cooking as the skillet is 3 inches wider than the burner.


DH had a boozy Christmas


Then we went swimming


Vacation has been going well. It was a bit chilly the first few days but has warmed up nicely. There is a big winter storm hitting our hometown right now & while I am kinda sad not to see the snow, I’m thinking swimming on Christmas day is a nice trade.

How was your Christmas?

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