Elvin’s adventures so far

We have an elf visiting us again this year. But the elves got all techno savvy in November & he spent the week before he arrived chatting with the boys on Google Talk.

He arrived bearing the Lego Advent calendar & some holiday reading material


We’re not sure if he was playing with the dinos or got attacked by them.


He saw Mayhem turn the fan on one day & decided to take a ride


No one would read to him so he read to himself.


Hanging out with his friends in the boys’ room


Going through their football cards


Hiding in Havoc’s backpack


Chatting with Santa about the boys on Google Talk


That last one took more time & effort to set up than all the others combined. I had to create Santa an email addy

In the coming days he is going to wrap the tree in toilet paper, show up with cinnamon rolls for breakfast, the Clones will tie him to a post & he will play a board game with the Legos.

And then I am out of ideas so in between those things he will just be found sitting various places.

I don’t know how people do elaborate creative things, like changing all the photo displays to his picture, with their elf every night. Mostly I just move him around and give him a random prop to hold and that taxes me.

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5 comments to Elvin’s adventures so far

  • I’m having major internet issues at the moment, so I hope I can hang on long enough here to tell you how much I appreciate the laugh this gave me this morning!

  • Your Elvin is cuter than the long-legged thin ones I see round and about on the web (they’re a bit creepy to me). Sounds like a lot of hard work to me – I was a bad mother and often forgot to leave the window open for the tooth fairy, so a daily elf would have been a nightmare!

    • Stacey

      Mayhem saw those Elf on the Shelf ones in the store when he was 3 and told me they were too scary & he’d be afraid if they visited him. So the next year I found this one. He’s big & plush & not at all scary.

  • Stacey, you are creating awesome, magical memories for your boys!! Hooray for you!!

  • Also agree that elf on the shelf is creepy!
    Elvin is much friendlier; he even looks happy be attacked by the dinos (that’s what it looks like to me).