So we got up at 4:30am, loaded the car, woke up the boys, got them in the car and departed by 5:09am

An hour later we were having our usual pre-dawn breakfast at the Waffle House.

2012-12-20 06.03.32

DH had a large order of hash browns with ham, onions & cheese.

Then we kept on heading south as sun came up.

2012-12-20 07.17.30

Dawn somewhere in Virginia.  I have no idea where exactly. It was early. I was tired.

We utterly failed to get lost around Lynchburg for the first time ever!

Nor did we get lost in Danville or various points in North and South Carolina, despite following Google’s all backroads for 300 miles directions.

It was kind of disappointing actually.

The boys watched some movies and DH & I listened to various Stuff You Missed in History podcasts; learning about The Affair of the Poisons, Cahokia, DB Cooper, Empress Wu, Madame de Pompadour & Princess Caraboo.

We had a lovely time on those backroads, which were mostly well paved divided highways with hardly any traffic. We made excellent time!

Then we met up with I95 just north of Florence where we encountered far too much traffic, which slowed us down.

The boys watched more movies and played with their DSes & DH and I listened to the Blue Collar Comedy channel on SiriusXM (which…why, if I am paying for commercial free radio, does it have commercials?) and we listened to more Missed History, learning about The Radium Girls, the Fox Sisters, Unforgettable Fires, Navajo Code Talkers & the Pony Express.

Eventually we came upon the Florida state line, putting us driving through Jacksonville at rush hour and already there was some bad traffic showing on Google maps. We decided that, even though we’d said we didn’t want to take non interstate roads after dark, we wanted to sit in traffic even less, so we got off I95, turned on to I10 and headed down US301 to I75. We’d been down this road many time in the past but not in the past 6 or so years because it’s basically a 100 mile long speed trap with no direct access to I75 and we always miss the exits for Gainesville (I75 is on the other side of it) & half the time miss them at Ocala (same deal) & have to turn around & go back.

But this time we didn’t get pulled over for speeding (despite speeding) and we deliberately drove past Gainesville & found the exit at Ocala just fine.

That just left the final 3 hours of I75, which went by just fine. The boys napped for an hour or so. We arrived at my folks house just after 11pm.

It was kind of boring.

Not that I am complaining.

Boring makes a nice change from the drive from hell, complete with possessed DVD player that needed staked through the heart, last year.

24 hours later 2 of our hens went missing & nothing was found but a pile of feathers. Considering the coop was shut up (automatic door on a timer), something had to have snatched them during the day.


I suppose they would have been snatched had we been home or not. The boys play on the opposite side of the house from the hens so I’m not sure our presence would have made a difference. Though I would have though the dog would be a deterrent. 

I told the house sitters not to stress about it, if any more go missing just disable the auto door opener and leave them in the coop. It’s a huge two story coop; big enough with food & water in it that they’ll be fine if they are stuck inside for a few days.

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