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On the first Sunday of every month Sian at From High in the Sky hosts Storytelling Sunday, come join us and share your stories!


Sian’s theme this month is “It was a Dark & Stormy Night”. This presented me with a bit of a conundrum. 

I don’t always manage to follow the theme (it’s not required) but no other story was coming to mind and the theme had given me two different ideas.  I could go with the physical Dark & Stormy night that we had just endured, but I’ve already told that story & it isn’t so interesting that I could come up with a different way of telling it or I could go with the metaphysical Dark & Stormy night of Unpleasant & Unfortunate Events that we have been enduring for so long now I really wouldn’t know where to begin with it.

We’re talking years here. Depending on who you speak to, possibly as many as 7 but I put it closer to 3.

Not to mention the additional challenge of talking about a thing generally without actually talking about the thing specifically.

Libel, you know.

I suppose I could go all fictional and symbolic with it.

I could tell you about the mafia Don and the Gang of 3 (or is it 4?) who are vying for power over a post apocalyptic world that has been ravaged not by a huge terrible event but by a series of small choices that led, step by small step to wholesale destruction & the Darkness & Storms that have Descended over the known world.

I could tell you about the life support system supporting something that has been brain dead for months though the blood keeps pumping somehow. I think this character will have to be a zombie in the story. 

Or perhaps it’s damaged technology, the semi-intelligent kind that controls vital systems in it’s world & doesn’t realize it has gone mad & must be repaired or destroyed to save the universe.

And there is a psychic vampire too. One that drains the emotional energy from everyone around it as it spins around in a vortex of energy so intense only one person dares approach it with equanimity.

I could tell you about people reeling from crisis to crisis like drunken sailors in a gale. About how the body cannot sustain that level of stress and it becomes normal after awhile, to where what would cause normal people, in normal situations, to freak out in full blow panics, merely causes an “oh, I see, well I’ll look at it after l get some lunch” from these people.

These would be the Plucky Band of Adventurers, led by the Chosen One, to end the Darkness that has surrounded them for so long.

You have to have a Chosen One. Plucky Bands of Adventurers cannot succeed without one. The nature of narrative convention will not allow them to do so. Anyone who has read any sort of fantasy knows this.

Sadly, so far there is no Chosen One in this story, only Pretenders and myths & fables to confuse & confound the Adventurers. So they must go on feeding the beast, the insane technology; they have no choice. Their own survival depends on it. And in the silence of their minds they each pray for rescue.

This is why I don’t like post apocalyptic fantasy. It’s depressing. It’s not my style at all. I prefer upbeat reads with a mix of romance, mystery, witty dialogue & humor. Lots of humor.

There are certainly moments of farce in this story, but no humor as such.

I suppose I could make it about a powerful solo Wizard who refuses to join the Wizard College & so has earned their Eternal Enmity leading them to have magical duels that have ravaged the lands around the Shining Sea and awakened a multi headed Dragon from its slumber. The Wizards cannot destroy the dragon unless they work together, which they refuse to do, thus allowing the dragon to further despoil the lands and wreak havoc upon the people that dwell there.

But then we are back to the Plucky Band of Adventurers who lack a Chosen One so they have to continue to offer up their harvests & random virgins to the Dragon.

Slightly more upbeat, because Wizards & Dragons are not real, unlike Gangs & technology, so they are *fun* elements. There is more opportunity for witty dialogue & some romance, but still…

And as far as the story itself…it reads like the intro to a story, not the actual story. Like, ok, we have the setting, the mood, the background & all these other elements & people in place – bring on the Chosen One and lets get this adventure started!

Which is where we are – waiting for the Chosen One & hoping for a Sunny Day to follow the very very long Dark & Stormy Night.

Life really is stranger than fiction sometimes.

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19 comments to Storytelling Sunday

  • Amy

    I don’t know what to say, apart from I hope The Chosen One arrives soon … or, could you please write more about the wizards and dragons? I’d like some humour and witty dialogue. :-)

  • Oh dear this sounds ominous hope your chosen one comes soon

  • Oh, as someone living through a dark and stormy night I recognise that stress that normal people couldn’t cope with comment. As a fantasy and sci fi lover I also recognize so many of those glimpses of stories. Hoping that the storms blow over and the clear skies arrive soon.

    For me it’s not just libel – thinking about it gives it energy I don’t want it to have. Hope for both of us there are nice endings and we don’t end up being a terrible warning to others!

  • I hope you all live happily ever after

  • The Chosen One is out there somewhere, and I hope it isn’t too long before the clearer skies and the chosen one arrive.

  • Ladkyis

    Surely the Chosen One has to be Chosen? Point that finger and choose. That’s when the Chosen one reveals the truth of themselves and becomes the leader you want

  • I,too, hope the Chosen One arrives soon…..before total darkness descends!!!!

  • Gosh, there’s a lot in here… I’m a fan of a good romcom in difficult times too! Hoping you work out how choose helpfully for yourself in this situation.

  • Dark and stormy, maybe. But every day is a new opportunity so I am wishing you lots of sunny days ahead.

  • Dark, stormy, but, like everyone else, I certainly hope that there are lots of sunny days in the future! Thanks for getting us thinking today Stacey

  • S

    Oh my, taking a cue from your blog name: here’s hoping the havoc and mayhem ceases and desists.

  • Mel

    However you choose to write about something, I’d want to read it. I’m sorry that this particular situation is so very real for you, though. I do hope it finds a satisfactory resolution soon xx

  • Having recently gotten involved in two post-apocalyptic series on television, your references really ring true and I get where it’s going. Don’t wait for the Chosen One – appoint one! Sounds like you need to bring resolution to this particular story sooner rather than later. Best wishes.

  • wow what a story and I really hope that the heavens open and sunshine or the chosen one come down!!

  • For someone else surrounded by storms I found reading that somewhat cathartic … isn’t that strange. You put many of my feelings into words, that as an avid reader of books, I could understand and connect with. Thank you. I have found my chosen one and things are looking brighter. I pray that you and yours find that same peace soon. Thank you for sharing this. This is part of the reason why I love STS.

  • Alison

    I too hope that the Chosen One appears soon and brings the sunshine with him/her!
    Alison xx

  • Hoping that the Happily Ever After comes true for you soon!

  • Mitra

    Very interesting…..reads almost poem like!! Hugs from NY….

  • Such a fascinating story Stacey. . . hope it all works out. If not, I know you will live it with your warped, but ever-present sense of humor.