Monday Musings

Normally at this time, on the Monday before Thanksgiving, I am thinking about laying by the pool, or taking a long walk with DH around the lake while discussing our many childfree lunch possibilities.  The kids are playing in the pool, watched over by their grandparents. It’s sunny, and warm. We have just survived 2 days of who knows what combination of confusing road signs, bad directions and random car problems. We are in Florida.


But this year we are not. We’re home. It’s cloudy with a high of 45F.  There is no pool, or any walking paths. DH is at work, the kids are at school and I am trying desperately to think of every single thing we might possibly need between now and Sunday so I can buy them all today and not have to deal with the pre-Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or first weekend of holiday shopping insanity the rest of the week.

I want to go 6 days without setting foot in any retail establishment, but I really doubt that is possible. We’ll run out of garbage bags or dish detergent on Thursday night, I just know it.

I’m also considering which all you can eat buffet we will be visiting on Thanksgiving day.

When you only have to feed 4 people, and 4 people who are not all that fond of leftovers, Thanksgiving dinner at home is just another random meal featuring turkey cutlets.  I’m the only one of us who likes dark meat & cranberry dressing. DH is the only one who likes green bean casserole. The boys have differing opinions on a proper dessert.

A buffet is clearly in order.

Possibly Chinese, just to be a little different.

Somehow, adding two more people, who like green bean casserole, dark meat and/or cranberry dressing makes preparing that meal worthwhile. And it makes for 6 people sharing ice cream, pumpkin pie & chocolate cake, which is better for everyone’s waistlines. Also, my folks like leftover turkey. DH & I are good for one sandwich the next day & then we’re done.

My parents are on a cruise for Thanksgiving this year. We’ll be seeing them at Christmas, which seems to be making lining up a house sitter slightly more challenging. I’ve got 3-4 college students, the kids of friends, who are willing to stay for part of the time, but no one is going to be in the area the whole time. They are off on snowboarding trips or visiting boyfriends/girlfriends/family in other states. So I am having to work out schedules.

The great part about this I can order gifts online & have them shipped to my folks’ & don’t have to worry about the kids finding them. Probably I don’t have to worry about wrapping them either. Mom likes to wrap.

In other news, I have post up over at about getting ready for your holiday scrapping and my friend Melissa is having a virtual release party & giveaway for her new book Enlightened.

Please check them out!

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5 comments to Monday Musings

  • Mel

    Good luck with avoiding shopping! And with sorting our housesitting…. Glad you have the online shopping upside of spending Christmas with your folks :) It tends to go the other way with me – my in-laws ask me to sort out gifts for the whole family, which I then have to giftwrap for them!

  • It can be a challenge alright, when holiday arrangements aren’t what everyone is used to..hope you have a great time all the same

  • We’re not traveling for either holiday this year. I will miss seeing my family and am going to try to make the best of it.

  • I am an only child and we had no relatives near, so when I was 8 or so, my parents and I started going to a buffet for Thanksgiving. Best. Thanksgivings. Ever. I still miss those days. My parents didn’t limit the number of desserts I could have, I never had to eat any turkey (hooray for me) and we didn’t have to power through weeks of leftovers as in the previous years. I really wish we could do this as a family now, but my inlaws will not stand for it. I’ve come to hate turkey. Sigh.

  • Holiday arrangements are always tricky. Turkey is Wookie’s favourite, my Mom buys it so I’ll cook it and she can take home leftovers – seems a fair arrangement :)

    Hope everything is done and you don’t have to face any retail environment between now and next week…