Happy Halloween


Havoc wanted to be a gangster. It would have been cheaper to just let him wear his dad’s pants belted at the hip and give him a rag for his head but he said he wanted to be a ‘real gangster’


“Trick or Treat, see. Gimme the candy, see”

Mayhem did not want to dress up because he said it would embarrass him so he wore his football jersey.


Obviously we don’t do door to door trick or treating out here. It’s a long walk between doors. Just going to the house across the street is a major hike up and down hills.

We do ‘trunk or treating’ where everyone gets together in a parking lot & hands out candy from their trunks while the kids file past in a long, well organized, line.  Which is ok, the kids get candy and that’s the whole point; but this is the one and only time I miss living in the suburbs. I have great memories of running around the neighborhood from door to door with a pack of my friends & it just seems… I don’t…better, that way. Standing in a line… it’s not how it’s supposed to be, according to my mind.

But it is what it is.

We took the kids to the a trunk or treat sponsored by a Baptist church. They are the ones around here most likely to shout about the Halloween being the Devil’s work & it amuses me to get their candy.

It also gave me an opportunity to put in a prayer request there.

A friend of mine passed away suddenly Tuesday night. Her name is Eva Kipler, she designed at Sweet Shoppe Designs and I have been on her creative team for years. She was such a wonderful person. I am still in shock & so very sad.

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7 comments to Happy Halloween

  • They look terrific! Trick or Treating hadn’t reached these shores as a tradition when I was a kid – I remember being really intrigued by the idea when I saw it in E.T.!

  • Mel

    So sorry to hear your sad news, Stacey. My thoughts and prayers are with you xx

    (The boys look adorable, by the way.)

  • Matt takes the kids around the neighborhood and they have a good time. We just have to make sure to have the sex offender addresses memorized because that can get dicey.

    I’m sorry to hear about your friend- that is really awful. :(

  • So very sorry for your loss. Remembering her friends and family in prayer.

  • My condolences to you. The boys look great – my eldest dressed up this year (for the first time in a long time). Clara just wore some S.F. Giants gear.

  • I was sad to hear about Eva too – such a sad thing. Been thinking of her familly and friends.

    Trunk or treating doesn’t look right to me either but several of my friends do that – often at churches. My kids did it ‘properly’ once in the US and that made me happy in a rather silly way.

  • Condolences on the loss of a crafting friend and colleague.

    I love the idea of a Baptist Halloween ;o)