Words on Wednesday

How the little males spent the 5 day holiday vacation.

Oh they’ve heard of sitting properly in a chair (and heard it and heard it and heard it until I felt like I ought to just record me shouting “Sit properly in that chair!” to save my voice) but they don’t seem to really […]

Monday Musings

We decorated the tree this weekend. We put all the Hallmark ornaments on it, plus about a quarter of the wooden ones & the 4 snowmen and that was all that fit.  We have an entire box of ornaments that couldn’t go on the tree.

We’ve outgrown our tree.

I’d love to get […]


I think I am supposed to post something about being grateful for things today. People have been doing that all month long & while a part of me wants to join in the rest of me knows it will soon get awkward because I am not good at meaningful and will instead post about being […]

Wordy Wednesday

Tired of being ignored in favor of football games, the dinosaurs decide to join in the boys’ obsession.

The T-Rexes find typing a challenge though.

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