Wordy Wednesday

Back from a short vacation!

We spend a couple nights at an indoor waterpark around this time every year. I think this is our 5th year going.


Instead of staying Friday & Saturday nights, like people who care about job & school attendance, we stay Sunday & Monday nights because we care about room cost and line length more.

Both are much lower on Sunday & Monday nights.

This year was awesome because Tuesday morning we had the wave rider all to ourselves for about an hour or so Tuesday morning so we took turns doing this


DH & I are so very very weary.  Sunday night there was some young teen party going on & we had to stand in line with all the adolescents to get a turn & had to ignore the snickers & eye rolls when we joined them.

But we’re better at it than they are, DH especially, so suck it adolescents!

Of course they were probably able to roll out of bed the next day just fine while we moaned and groaned and I dropped stuff because my triceps are aching and don’t get me started on my gluteals from climbing all those damn steps to the various slides.  (I think I climbed a total of around 1200 steps on just Monday)

But it was nothing a couple margaritas couldn’t put right, which I am old enough to buy & they aren’t so once again – suck it adolescents!

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