Wordy Wednesday

I’ve gotten a few questions about the subjects for my 365 Project & how that works for me.  I have 14 subjects this year and every month I get a photo of all 14 of them. When I put my photo book together I will group all of them on the same page, or two pages, or I will do a layout of each subject.  Last year I did a layout. These are the clones so far


Darth & Boba Fett have been getting in touch with their feminine side this year, getting into my nail polish in February & crocheting a blanket in September.

The clones developed a man sized sling shot in April, which got Boba Fett stuck in the pear tree in May.

Commander Cody found love in June.

They met the Skylanders in March, spent some time in a hot tub in August, went for a boat ride in July and they and the dinos greeted Green Lantern & friend back in January.

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5 comments to Wordy Wednesday

  • Looks like a blast! Popped in from SITS!

  • Mel

    Oh, what a good idea! I’ve never tried to do that with my Project 365(6) photos, but I’m now seriously thinking of doing something along those lines for Project Life, which I plan to follow next year – thanks for the inspiration :)

  • So is it really a Project 12×14 rather than 365?
    That sounds a lot more fun and doable. I need to know your other subjects now!

  • Very interesting idea. The photos are nice…all of them. I keep telling myself I would be better if I just had a better camera…
    If you get a chance could you check out my guest blogger. She needs a little comment love.

  • Hilarious! My favorite one is the Jenga Fett giving flowers to the Barbie.