We’re doomed


See this map.

There is a storm coming from the north west and a hurricane coming from the south east.


I live in the clear strip there in the middle.

Right where both will collide together sometime Sunday or Monday


All we really know for sure is that there will be high winds, rain & power outages sometime in the relatively near future.

Situations like this make you look at your yard and, instead of seeing décor & clutter, you see projectile weapons.

Fortunately we live in a bunker, so the house itself isn’t an issue.

Except the internet pole.

Not much you can do about what is essentially a 50 foot weather vane. It’s tied down as securely as possible so the pole itself ought to be ok, but the antenna is another matter.

So if I disappear for longer than usual probably it’s just that the antenna got ripped off and I am at the tail end of the repair list as usual.

Though I am technically still holding one of their bucket trucks hostage in my yard. So I am in a position to demand priority service if it comes down to it. (every time they plan to come get it some other weather event threatens & logistically it makes sense for them to keep the truck in the area)

Good thoughts for us & everyone in the hurricane’s path are greatly appreciated.

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7 comments to We’re doomed

  • Mel

    Oh boy – that does not look good! I hope it passes you by with minimal damage. Thinking of all those in its path x

  • Mary Ellyn Rozell

    See where Delaware & Maryland meet right on the the edge of the Atlantic Ocean? That is where I live and last time I checked it was projected to come ashore right on top of us. Should be a fun few days !!!

    Defintely sending good mojo your way – sometimes inland areas get hit just as bad or even worse than us on the Coast.

  • Rinda

    Good luck to you! I’m thinking you’ll be seeing more of the repair trucks in the future!

  • I read about this in the paper this morning – I really hope you manage to escape without too much damage. Keep us updated as much as you can, rumour has it that it is expected to hit late tomorrow or early Monday (UK time).

  • Hope that you and your antenna survive intact :)

  • I hope you are all okay. And that this message gets to you, of course. Thinking about you all! Stay safe..

  • Stay safe. I will be thinking about you.