To Do for October

1. finish editing Sept photos

2. clean out kids toys & the toy bins

3. start assembling P365 book in blurb

4. Christmas present shopping

5. buy new Hallmark ornaments

6. scout out location for Christmas tree in new living room layout

7. review 3 books and 2 games

8. finish Journal Your Christmas 2011 album. Seriously getting to the wire on this one.

9. try to create Blurb page layout that looks like Project Life pages for next year

10. decide what to do about the swimming pool & either take it down or get it covered

11. inventory the chest freezer

12. purge the yarn

13. finally take donated books to the library

14. finally take donated clothes to Goodwill

15. reorganize my Pinterest boards

16. reorganize the blog tags

17. upload June-Sept photos to Smug Mug

18. back up computer

19. rotate tires & clean car

20. day trip up into the mountains

What do you have planned for this month?

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