The Ups & Downs of a Week

Well it has certainly been an *exciting* week here.

Monday & Tuesday we were at a waterpark


Fun & relaxation abounded! Nothing to think about except ‘what slide do I want to go on next’ and ‘what do I want to eat next’.

Good days, good days.

Wednesday started out good as well. DH had taken the whole week off so after we put the kids on the bus we went back to bed and slept for 2 more hours.

Sleep! In silence! That never happens!

Then we went out for lunch & did some shopping. together! with no kids!

and then….

Have you heard of the children’s book series A Series of Unfortunate Events?  In the background of my life, undiscussed here for certain reasons, we have been dealing with things that are best described as A Series of Unpleasant Events. We are not the main characters but part of the supporting cast. We are affected by Events but cannot affect them ourselves. We can only sit back and watch while the main characters create Unpleasantness that the secondary characters must deal with.

Wednesday some of those Unpleasantnesses finally culminated in an Unfortunate Event. Though ‘culminated’ is probably the wrong word. It’s more of a chapter ending than a book ending. Possibly it is a season ending cliffhanger with everyone in peril and someone named Baldric saying “but wait! I have a cunning plan” which everyone is dubious of.

The season resumes today.

Shortly after receiving news of the Unfortunate Event, DH says “my throat feels scratchy” and shortly after that mine did as well. Then came congestion, aches, tiredness, chills, etc.

We had become Unfortunately sick. Or perhaps merely Unpleasantly.

Thursday we went right back to bed after putting the kids on the bus, not because we liked the idea of napping in silence, but because it had taken every ounce of our energy to get the kids on the bus and staggering back to bed was about the extent of our abilities.


The wheezing, sniffling & sneezing had to be heard to be believed.

Friday word arrived of FRANKENSTORM!!! and we had to drag our weary aching bodies outside and move things & tie down things in anticipation of high winds. Plus I needed to get actual groceries while everyone else was preparing for Armageddon, which is not a joy when you are feeling well & absolutely miserable when you are sick. Fortunately people stock up on milk & bread, not chuck roast, carrots & cold meds so I had no problem finding things.

There was also much discussion by secondary characters about dealing with the Unfortunate Event, the various ‘cunning plans’ and how Frankenstorm might or might not affect part of the start of the new season of Unpleasantness on Monday.

Saturday was Mayhem’s playoff game. They lost. Mayhem was in tears most of the way home, not so much because of the loss but because it meant football season was over and as he put it “It’s the best thing that ever happened to me and I don’t want it to end.”


The weather was lovely. Sunny with a nice breeze.

Sunday we woke up late (I broke major anti-insomnia rules last week and I will be paying for it this week) and learned that predictions are moving Frankenstorm north of us, though we still will get rain & wind Tuesday, or Monday, or Sunday night.

Hurricanes don’t read maps, so don’t rush to return that generator yet.

We gathered things to collect toilet flushing water in & filled up some bottles for drinking water because the downside of free water from a well is no power = no water unless you want to stand out in the middle of a tropical storm and/or hurricane and use a hand pump on a 100ft deep well.

I don’t, but people can surprise you with what they are willing to do.

Then they cancelled school in anticipation of weather.

So that’s where we are today – anticipating weather and further Unpleasant Events, possibly even Unfortunate ones.

Updates will follow tomorrow I guess. Or Wednesday. Wednesday is supposed to be sunny.

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