We’re good.

Power flickered mightily but stayed on.

Oddly enough so did the internet & the satellite tv.

We were well prepared for all of it going out though


Bottles of things to drink


Gas grill & kerosene heater were moved into the porch thingy, along with containers of collected rain water for toilet flushing.

We collected a lot of rain water by Tuesday morning


I did my mandatory grocery shopping

2012-10-27 16.07.49

I didn’t need milk but there were a couple sheriff’s deputies in the grocery store & I think I am legally obligated to buy milk during a declared state of emergency & I didn’t want to get arrested.

The day started off with wind & rain

2012-10-29 14.58.13

Hard to tell from the photo but it was quite gusty just then.

The real wind & rain that would have made for some truly exciting photos wouldn’t start until around 5pm and by then it was too dark to take pics.

And the wind was such that we were staying away from the windows because the big gusts were rattling them. When the wind rattles your sliding glass doors it’s time to move to the more sheltered part of the house.

We had serious winds, sustained at 40MPH with gusts of up to 60MPH. 

Those gusts were pretty scary. Like will they pull the porch thingy apart scary.

But the porch thingy held together with just one small leak in the roof!

The porch thingy has proven surprisingly useful. We hadn’t actually thought about storm situations when we built it but it is nice to be able to store things there. We’re keeping the grill in it all winter so we can keep using it.

And in the middle of all this, in between the wind advisories & the flooding alerts, we were given a BLIZZARD warning.

Yes, that’s right, a blizzard.

In the middle of a hurricane.


(image from a weather station on a higher elevation about 40 miles west of me)

The higher elevations did get sleet & some snow but we got wind & rain.

The worst of it passed about 9pm but there were a few sudden high gusts up until midnight.

There are 15,000 without power in my general area, trees down & general unpleasantness. DH’s dealing with network outages everywhere & is going to be out replacing equipment later this week. Probably. Hard to say until the power is back & roads are cleared.

The storm shut down everything yesterday so the new season of Unpleasant Events has been postponed for awhile.

Which just gives everyone more time to work on their cunning plans.

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8 comments to Snoreastercane

  • So pleased you have come through the worst of it ok. It must be so scary. No matter how clever we think we are, Mother Nature will always be more powerful than us. Let’s hope life can return to normal for you all very soon.

    • Last night from 6 to 9 was very scary when the winds gusted & it sounded like it was pulling on the porch thingy. If it broke apart pieces could have shattered the French doors in the kitchen.

  • Mel

    I’m really thankful to hear that you’re OK, and everything’s still intact – even the internet? Wow! :)

  • Delighted to hear that you are all okay – the photos coming up on the news here are pretty shocking!

  • Rinda

    A blizzard in the middle of a hurricane . . .perfect!
    What did you do with the chickens?

    • oh those chickens! They were running around until about 1p when most of them went into the coop, which is large, heavy & sturdy. I had to go out in the wind & rain to chase the other two into it & shut them up, otherwise they’d have been blown away when the wind picked up an hour later.
      No one ever says “as smart as a chicken” for very good reason. :)

  • Amy

    Great news Stacey, thank goodness you had an eye on the chooks!

  • Dear heart, I am so glad that all, including the Internet, is well with your tribe. I love this post – captured everything to a “T”.