It’s going around

Whatever IT might be, it’s going around; or so I am told.

There is a stomach bug going around. 24-36 hours of nausea & related activities. Lots of kids have had it & so have their parents.

There is a 48 hour virus thingy going around. It causes headaches & fever. Lots of kids have had it & so have some of their parents.

There is this other infection thing going around. It has fever & aches, mostly in the ear, nose & throat with some nausea thrown in for variety. It can last 1 to 5 days. Many kids have had it.

Guess which one Havoc has?

He came home early Thursday with a fever & an upset stomach. Friday he was ok but late in the day had a headache & fever. At 4:45 Saturday morning he woke up with an ear ache & a fever. Sunday it was no fever but random ear & throat pain. Monday, with no fever for 24 hours I sent him to school. He was ok until supper, when suddenly his throat hurt him.

Possibly this was related to the carrot soup he didn’t want to eat as I noticed the crusty cheese bread did NOT hurt his throat.

And then his ear hurt him a bit later.

This morning I told him his 5 days were up.

He seems ok. No fever for 48 hours, so I sent him to school again.

But like yesterday I am keeping my day free in case I have to go get him because the fever has returned.

Yesterday at the gym I learned there was this thing going around where you have aches, pains & fever off and on for a week or so.

And I just know we’re going to get it next.

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3 comments to It’s going around

  • Mel

    Oh, dear! I hope he avoids it – and that the rest of you don’t get it….

    There have been lots of tummy bug cases at school so I fully expected to catch that myself, but I seem to have avoided it by needing to be off work with this sprained ankle. Every cloud has a silver lining, I guess!!

  • I’ve got a headache and sore throat thing. Rinda

  • No fun when kids (or husbands for that matter lol) are sick. Hope he is fully recovered and the next thing passes both Havoc and Mayhem by.