I’ve shared a lot of photos of Smoke, who always looks a bit..well… bitchy in photos.


“Do NOT take my photo lady!”


“What did I *just* say lady?”

I don’t know why she always looks like that. She’s a nice, friendly cat. You’d just never know it from the photos.

Unlike say, her brother Ashes.

This is Ashes


“I’m a sweet lovey cat!”


“Look at me rubbing on you”


“I’m freaking ADORABLE!. You should rub my belly!”

And then there is Thor


Grave, dignified, cool, collected, Thor


“Yes, I will permit a photo.”

I’ve noticed that since the boys have gotten a bit older, are less into imaginative play, more into video games, and in school full time 9 months of the year, I am back to taking almost as many cat photos as I did before I had kids.

Which mostly means I take twice as many photos as I did back then because I still end up with a bunch of photos of the boys. They just look like this now.


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