10 Years Ago

It’s the first Sunday of the month, which means it’s Storytelling Sunday over at Sian’s place, From High in the Sky!

It’s also Havoc’s 10th birthday so my story today is his story. This is the story I wrote about a week after he was born


Havoc was born Oct 7 at 8:47 am. He weighed 7lbs 7ozs & I was in room 407. He is a Libra Sun & Moon with a Scorpion ascendant.

He was a scheduled c-section. He had been head down until Sept 30, when he flipped into a cross legged breech. Though my doc has done versions and delivered breech babies he did not recommend I try either due to Havoc’s position. He said I could wait until I went into labor & then have a cs or I could go ahead & schedule it. I opted to schedule it. It was for 6 days later. Looking back I can see this was a mistake. I chose that long thinking I could get him to turn & then not need the cs. But what it actually did was give me more time to become more frantic about the whole thing.

I wasn’t really scared of the surgery but I was terrified of the preparations – the IV, the local & the spinal. I have a deep fear of being injected & my mind simply could not think past the needles, which was probably why I wasn’t scared of the surgery. Everything after the needles was just a grey haze, including Havoc. I held it together for the IV and while they went over the spinal procedure & risks with me. But then they say said DH couldn’t be with me when I got the spinal. I was very upset when they said that. So was he.

I think walking to the OR was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. I was in tears the whole way, verging on the hysterical. The IV hurt alot going in, the local in my back hurt more but for a shorter time. I didn’t feel the spinal at all. After I felt my legs go numb I relaxed & sort of melted into the table. The worst part, in my mind, was over, finally I was able to think about meeting my son.

DH came in & the surgery commenced. I’d told them I wanted to see the birth so they angled a light so I could see the reflection. I didn’t look up at the light until one of the nurses said "look at the little toes coming out." I missed seeing the toes but did see Doc T pulling Havoc out butt first.

Hwent over & was with him while they wiped him off & did the apgars and then they let him bring Havoc over to me.

He had the biggest lips. I remember saying "He has Mick Jagger’s lips".

Then he and DH went to the nursery with the nurses for a check while they stitched me up. He had a bit of fluid in his lungs but they were able to suction him out with no further problems. DH came to me in recovery while they were doing that and for 45 minutes or so wandered between me & the nursery.

My parents arrived while we were back there & DH was able to show them Havoc through the nursery glass. They brought him to me in recovery after about 45 minutes to start breastfeeding & he rarely left my sight after that.

I was feeling pretty good for day 1, the drugs were good. Then I started to feel like someone had whacked me in the abs with a baseball bat a 100 or so times. Walking helped. DH & the nurses kept getting me out of bed, even with the catheter, so I could walk. The shower on Wednesday felt good but was a challenge for my sore abs. I developed a bunch of blisters from the adhesive on the pressure bandage. The soreness soon went to a ‘too many sit ups’ sort of feeling, but I felt able to cope with just pills. I really wanted that IV out of my arm. They removed it Wednesday. I was moving slow but doing well by Friday.

My parents came & visited every day we were in the hospital, my brother came down Tuesday to visit. DH stayed with us every evening but went back to the house for a few hours each day to feed the cats & check up on his job. He changed every diaper but one the whole time we were in the hospital & he changed most of them for that first week we were home. All I basically did was sit in the chair & feed the baby. He howled a great deal & didn’t sleep much – maybe 7 hours out of 24.

We call him our Little Howler Monkey.

2012-08-02 11.35.36

Happy Birthday Havoc!!

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11 comments to 10 Years Ago

  • Happy Birthday Havoc!

    Ah yes babies who don’t sleep…. parents who complain about being woken up after ‘only five hours’ just don’t get it do they? Glad your dh was able to be there so much!

  • Jen Hart

    Sleeplessness is horrendous isn’t it. I had 2 cs for my two, one emergency and one planned. Wierd, wierd experiences.

    You wrote very well of your experience…..Happy Birthday Havoc!

  • Happy Birthday Havoc!

    Your memories are so clear..and you have reminded me of how I felt after TTO was born. I wanted to tell and re-tell the story, but somehow I was scared that I would wear it out and the memory would fade. It’s funny, becasue I’ve never felt that way about any other story.

    Hope he has a great day

  • It’s wonderful that you wrote this when the memories were fresh; I wonder how much you would remember independently now.

  • Quite an eventful birth and just look at the birthday boy now. All so worth it in the end. It’s good that you wrote it all down at the time, as the memory of childbirth does tend to fade. Happy birthday Havoc.

  • Mel

    Happy Birthday to your Havoc! Wishing him a lovely day :)

    Gosh, your story brought back such clear memories of my own experiences – I was interested to see the comments above about forgetting, as I can recall both of mine very clearly after 10 1/2 years (The Tomboy) and nearly 13 years (The Boy)!

  • You had a very eventful time of it. I never wrote my experiences down, but like Mel, I remember both births (and the aftermath) very clearly. I can totally empathise with the lack of sleep. My biggest didn’t manage to sleep for 4 hours at a stretch for a very long time.

  • Firstly, happy birthday to your young man! Secondly, how this story rang bells with me. I had to have an emergency C section with my daughter who was not only 10 days early but breech. That was under general anaesthetic and when I woke up the nurse said ‘Congratulations, you have a beautiful baby girl’. Being very groggy I, however had forgotten what I was in hospital for! So when baby 2 was growing, the doctor suggested I book in for a planned C section, but this time under epidural only, straight away. So I had almost 9 months of stressing about being awake while they operated!!! EEeeek! Stressed? Nervous? You bet!

  • Happy Birthday Havoc!
    I had an emergency C-Section with my daughter, which wasn’t fun at all as I’d been in labour so long that they struggled to stitch me up and I lost a lot of blood. Plus the epidural didn’t work properly. Baby boy was easier, as he came out with just an episiotomy, but everyone kept saying how that was easier to recover from than the c-section, and I found it so much more painful for weeks afterwards! Might be because I had two kids to run around after by then. I don’t want any more kids – mainly because I don’t want to go through birth again!

  • Jo

    Happy birthday to Havoc.

    Thank you for sharing this story, it’s beautiful.

  • Belated Happy Birthday to the Howler Monkey! Double figures :o)
    I was lucky had all three of mine at home in my own bed with a midwife all to myself :o)