Wordy Wednesday



We just met you and this crazy,

but we heard you needed a photo of a horse.

So you should take our picture, maybe?

There are several horse farms around me. This one is a few miles from my house, and I drive past it every time I go into town. Most mornings I see horses and think “You should stop on your way back and take a photo” because I am either running late for the gym or there is too much traffic to risk stopping. Not that there is like, traffic-traffic, but you know…a few cars appear every so often at random and it’s a road with a double yellow line on it.

Double yellow lines mean there is enough regular traffic that everyone needs to be kept to their side of the road.

Because without a double yellow line we all drive down the middle of the road, or as near to as makes no difference to the oncoming car.

Roads without those lines don’t see as much traffic & the odds of someone coming the other way are low. On an average day, over the course of the 5ish miles I drive one way, on unadorned roads, I get passed by maybe one car. Once I hit the double yellow line road though I generally get passed by 5-8 cars in 5 miles.

Sometimes I have to wait for 2-3 cars to go by before I can turn onto the double yellow line road.

Sometimes there is another car waiting behind me as well.

Those are heavy traffic days.

This day was a foggy day. There was no one behind me and this farm is at the intersection so I was able to stop long enough to dig my pocket camera out of my purse, roll my window down and take photos.

I’m still short 7 photos but I am hoping to catch the commuter train in the station tomorrow & get a movie poster & a church as well while I am downtown. I have hopes for a roadside stand Saturday on my way to a football game because we pass the farmer’s market.

It’s looking like I may have to go with a photo of our gun shoot last month for the ‘you with something symbolizing your nation’. On the one hand yeah but on the other..well…yeah…

I can’t find our household flag, but I did have an idea for one with an apple pie as in the “mom and apple pie” thing, but I don’t know that apple pie really symbolizes the country. We don’t have any cherry trees…

What do you think?

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3 comments to Wordy Wednesday

  • I love this shot, the fog makes it very cool :) I think some of the things on the list are open to interpretation, wait til you see what I use for the symbol of our nation one lol, I think you’re safe.

  • The fog in this picture actually seems to make it glow! Weird, but you know what I mean? It’s a special shot

  • Love hearing about your traffic – it’s similar to us out here I think. Karen of Random Reflections went with apple pie.
    What about football? You know, American football not soccer. That’s pretty American.