Wordy Wednesday


Random end of month grocery shopping.

Various toiletries – mouthwash, peroxide, something green that is probably astringent but I can’t remember what it is

Yarn for back to school apples for the teachers.

Butter & chocolate chips for cookies (we always run out of these), coffee for breakfast, string cheese, grapes & goldfish crackers for packed lunches, spaghetti, leeks & beets for supper.

And canning supplies for the ginger pear chutney I am going to make just as soon as I get enough pears. 

I could be all foodie and mention the pears are locally grown and organic, as they are from our own 2 pear trees that have never been sprayed with anything, including water. I could also say they were free range, if pears can be free range, or maybe they are ethical. I only use pears that have committed suicide by dropping off the tree of their own accord. I don’t pick pears, it’s too cruel. (also, most of them are on branches I cannot reach without a ladder & there is no level spot to put one).

I just check under the trees every day for the newly fallen.

Or at least I try to. I don’t always remember. So then I have to go over them to make sure the bugs haven’t gotten to them first.

Or the chickens.

The chickens quite like a nice juicy ripe organic ethical pear and squawk at me while I gather them.

Then I have to peel them, chop them & freeze them immediately because they really are nice ripe juicy pears and can’t just sit in a bowl for 3 days waiting for me to get around to peeling them the way apples can.

They get well over ripe when I do that & start attracting fruit flies & fermenting.

So I have to have a certain amount of free time to deal with the pear situation if I am going to gather pears. Which is why sometimes a few days pass between gathers and then I discover out of a dozen or so pears on the ground I can only use 2 and it doesn’t seem worth the effort for 2 pears.

I need 10 cups of pears to make this chutney. I have 6 cups after 2 weeks of sporadic gathering.

Sometimes I get a little impatient waiting for the pears to end it all themselves and give the tree a good shake to encourage them to get on with it and hope the falling pears don’t whack me on the head.

I’d starve to death if I had to rely on food I harvested in the summer to get me through the winter.

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