Scavenger Hunt Photo Update

As I showed you on Wednesday I did finally get a photo of a horse.

3 horses actually


This inspired me to take myself off to a neighboring town where there is a train station. And a movie theater! And across from the theater there is a church!

Plus the town itself changed hands so many times during the civil war there ought to be a plethora of historic landmarks to choose from!

And who knows? Perhaps I might stumble across someone dancing with an angel statue?

Stranger things have happened.

Though not to me.

First I checked the train schedule on line and showed up just before the commuter train came into the station.

I had hoped to get a shot of the engine but it blew by before I could and I hadn’t realized just how very long the commuter train actually was. The engine was well away and around the bend by the time it stopped. So I got this photo instead


Then I went over to the local coffee shop where I paid $5 for what amounted to 6 sips of coffee. This is my fault for ordering a cappuccino instead of a latte I think. When I gave up caffeine back in April 2011 I stopped ordering coffee when out because I am suspicious that they don’t always give me decaf, so I am out of practice on what to order.

After I drank my 6 sips and wiped the half a mug of foam off my face I headed down to the movie theater.

I had to cross Main Street. This is always a misery because of the traffic. I mean, just look at it


After a harrowing dash across all two lanes of traffic I made my way down to the theater


ParaNorman is playing.

Then I turned around and took a photo of this church.


After that I wandered in and out of the numerous junk-tique stores in town, hoping to find an angel statue knick knack. But there was no joy.

So I went after historic landmarks and found a few

These are a couple of the oldest buildings in tow. They are pre-Civil War.



Considering how many times this area was overrun by both Union & Confederate troops it’s a wonder anything remained standing.

Oh and there is this old sign that get’s it’s paint refreshed every year


On my way home I stopped by the lake and took this photo of a pier


This leaves me with a roadside stand (hopefully I’ll get this on Saturday), someone dancing (Mayhem has volunteered) and the elusive angel statue still to go in the next week.

How are you doing with your entries?

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