Saw it on Pinterest

But I can’t prove it.

If you are on Pinterest I am sure you have seen the pin that shows how someone used cupboard shelf liner on her refrigerator shelves, saying something about how it makes it easier to clean them since you can remove the shelf liner much easier than the shelves.

I’ve seen it a few dozen times in the past week alone.

But I did not repin it or like it and it is not currently appearing in my stream

So I cannot link to it.

You’ll just have to take my word for it.

I decided to give this idea a chance because in order to clean my fridge shelves I have to wash them in the bathtub & that does not fill me with joy.

So I emptied the shelves one by one & wiped them down.

No interesting pics of how old the food was unfortunately as the oldest thing was a can of cinnamon rolls that expired in early August.

Then I cut the liner to fit, or as close to as someone who failed kindergarten scissors class can get.


It does make the stuff on the shelves look neater.

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