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We have been talking about rearranging the living room furniture for a little while now.


The area behind the long sofa houses a double bookshelf. That bookshelf is partially blocked by the boys’ desk. The desk also blocks a 4 shelf organizer, a standing lamp and a tangled mass of cables & extension cords.

The sofa makes a good place for illicit eaters to hide behind while they stuff themselves with half a bag of chocolate chips or a dozen cookies or drink soda or whatever foodstuff requires you ask before you eat it.

And they can look at all sorts of things on the internet without anyone seeing what they are watching.

Plus it’s awkward to get to the books because you have a narrow walkway between the end of the sofa and the wood stove with sharp pointy corners.

I have ripped more pants on those corners.

Once, long ago, before we had kids, we had a different arrangement. Fewer sofas for one, and the tv & bookshelves had swapped places.. The whole room was more or less turned 90 degrees clockwise.

We had to rearrange when Havoc started crawling because of the electric cords all over the place.

We have lighting issues & used extension cords to put lamps around in useful areas. We had to rearrange to hide the cords. Plus we put in a ceiling light.

So, Saturday, we thought, since it we’d had the tv there before and have miles and miles of cable in the ceiling anyway, that we could just rotate everything, plug the tv into the cable outlet behind the bookshelves and we’d be good to go.

It’d be easy.

The only hard part would be unloading & reloading the bookshelves.

And frankly, the universe owes us some easy.


The universe still owes us some easy.

There was no cable outlet behind the bookshelf. There was one on the wall to the right but it had no cable connected to it.

Ok fine. It’s a drop ceiling & one of the perks of a drop ceiling is everything drops through the cavities in the wall. Holes are already drilled for the electrical wires to go to the outlet so it’s just a matter of threading the cable through it.

See above about ‘easy’.

There was a cross piece nailed in somewhere halfway down the wall.

Just in this particular stud cavity, where this particular outlet is. No other one has it, even others with outlet boxes.

So after an hour or so of trying to feed the cable down and then trying to fish it up (the fishing wire fit, but not the cable attached to it), DH decided the hell with it, dropped the cable into the next stud cavity and punched a hole in the wall to fish it out.

Outlet box to be purchased & installed at some point in the future.

And we all know what that means.

Meanwhile I have pushed the bookshelves into position, purged the books and reshelved the remaining ones.

We move the TV stand against the wall & discover we really have too much furniture for this arrangement. There is no real way to get both sofas & DH’s chair around the tv, so that the majority of the seats allow you to see the tv and leave walking room at the same time.

We have one chair too many & DH is unwilling to give up his chair.

DH mentioned jokingly that we could remove the woodstove and put the tv there.

But he loves a fire too much.

We have had about half a dozen fires in that stove since 2002, and one since 2010.

So I called shenanigans on that.

Then he suggested we get a wall mount for the TV and put it over the stove.

$300 or so, and were would be put the stuff on the tv stand? Not to mention the whole ‘lack of studs where we need them’ issue that we run into every.single.time we try to screw something into the wall.

Ok so maybe he just doesn’t want to lift & carry the woodstove. I can get behind that, especially since I would have to help him & don’t particularly want to do it either. Plus we’d just move it about 10 feet, out the sliding glass door and onto the porch, where it would sit for years until it was too rusty to sell.

It’s a long long way to the nearest shed & neither of us is young enough or strong enough to carry it to one of them.

Then we got the bright idea to TAKE SOME MEASUREMENTS and see if we couldn’t just push the stove back into the corner & put the TV stand in front of it.

Turns out we could sort of lift/push the woodstove into the corner and there would be JUST enough room for the tv stand.

So we did that and then rearranged the rest of the furniture.

5 hours after thought we would just moved a few pieces of furniture around, we were done.


There is now nothing for anyone/thing to hide behind. The boys’ desk is out of the frame and to the right, right across from me. I can see everything they do on it.

We dislodged so much dust by moving the furniture & lifting ceiling tiles I started sneezing about 15 minutes after we started and by the time we were done I had sneezed and wheezed so much I triggered an asthma attack and had to go stand in a steamy shower for 20 minutes and then use my neti pot to clean out my sinuses. Then, utterly exhausted from the sneezing, I took a couple Bendryl and wheezed on the bed for a couple more hours.

My allergy sneezes are not just a simple ‘Achoo! Achoo!’. They are a full body, core muscle engaging “AAACCHHHOOO!!!!  AAACCHHHOOO!!!! AAACCHHHOOO!!!! AAACCHHHOOO!!!! AAACCHHHOOO!!!!  WHEEZE, HACK AAACCHHHOOO!!!!” And I did that constantly for almost 5 hours. It’s wearing. I was sore Sunday morning. Like I’d been to boot camp sore.

DH and I are planning on cleaning out the junk room next and I told him we need to get an industrial strength respirator mask before we do it.

Plus some lamps because this new arrangement has left us with lighting issues yet again.

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2 comments to More Home Work

  • It looks much better now it’s done but it’s never easy getting there is it. We’ve got to clear out 20+ years worth of clutter from the loft within the next few weeks ready to get more insulation put down. Not looking forward to that. My husband doesn’t like parting with ‘stuff’.

  • Wow! It looks fantastic! And think of all the dust that is now gone (the dust that got cleaned up, not the dust that ended up in your sinues).