10 on the 10th

Girly edition.

I’m late with this because I forgot yesterday was the 10th and then when I remembered it, I couldn’t think of a topic that I could do 10 things for.

One of these 10ths I am going to do "10ish or so topics that have been rejected on the 10th”

Pressed for a topic I decided to tie in with my post before last and give you my 10 favorite nail polishes.


1. China Glaze’s Salsa – it’s a nice bright red, when I just want plain red nails, this is the polish I choose

2. OPI’s Malaga Wine – the perfect autumn red

3. OPI’s I Brake for Manicures – a nice rich brown, make a great background for autumn themed nail art or as branches/wood in nail art


4. Sally Hanson’s Greige Gardens – my newest purple, a very pretty pale blue purple

5. Sally Hanson’s Good to Grape – the shade of purple I think of when I think of purple. It also makes pretty flower nail art.

6. OPI’s Planks A lot – a purple midway between the two, this is my go to polish when I just want a solid color with no art


7. Sally Hanson’s Grass Slipper – makes me think of spring & is good for leaves in nail art

8. OPI’s Thanks a Windmillion – hard to tell from this photo but this polish is the same color as my eyes, a blue/grey/green

9. Pure Ice’s French Kiss – strange name for a blue polish if you as me. This shade of blue is the color of the local county sports’ teams – all sports at all ages have the same team colors, makes it easy for everyone

10. OPI’s No Room for the Blues – another spring color and it is very useful for nail art

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