Wordy Wednesday


Fingerless mitts, or gloves. Or I have seen them called yoga or meditation gloves.

Whatever they are called I love them.

My hands get so cold in the winter, even in the house. It’s a circulation thing.

So I like to have a few pairs of differing yarn weights around so I can match the glove to how cold my hands are.

And to what I am wearing.

Fingerless gloves are my winter accessory.

This is a crochet pattern I created. It’s very dense and warm. I’m currently working on two other patterns that are lighter weight.

Thumb gussets are a problem though.

Once I get them sorted out & into .pdfs I am going to offer them on Ravelry.

Do you wear fingerless gloves?

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7 comments to Wordy Wednesday

  • I do, they make things so much easier , love this yarn :)

  • I love fingerless gloves! I have a favourite pair that have a flap attached to the back of them that you can pull over your fingers and make them look like traditional mittens. Like a ‘2 in 1′ pair, so handy for when you are out shopping, makes getting money out of your purse so much easier!

  • Mel

    Wow, these look great! I don’t tend to wear fingerless gloves though, as it’s my fingers that get really cold – I need to fingers of the gloves, but not necessarily the other bit lol!

  • Rinda

    I love fingerless gloves. We call them texting gloves. I use them when I keep score in chilly baseball season.

  • These look cool. Wish I could crochet! Anything warming goes down well with me..

  • Fingerless gloves RULE and these ones look way cozier (and less itchy) than the ones Madonna was sporting in the 80’s. I’m just saying…

  • I have some of those fingerless gloves that turn into mittens when you pull the hood over too. They’re so useful.
    Your crochet ones look rather pretty. I like the idea of having several pairs of different weights. Good idea.