Progress Update

on the accursed mudroom.

Finally after 2 weeks longer than the promised 2-4 week delivery time, our custom window arrived at Lowes. It would have been in 2 weeks earlier but as they were loading it on the truck they broke it & two other windows.

Accursed I tell you.

Even people not actually working on the porch thingy are screwed when they touch stuff related to it.


A side window!


You can see how whacked the framing is from the inside. This is due to the house itself not being a plumb line and the porch sloping away from the house for drainage

2012-08-13 14.25.09

Then, in a spirit of optimism I cleaned out the interior…all the random wood pieces, rusty nails, assorted tools, swept the floor and then cleaned out our old Rubbermaid storage closet and brought it inside. I also found my old clothes hanger from that time I thought I might iron shirts & need a place to hang them. You know, before I remembered a damp washcloth & 5 minutes in a low dryer accomplish the exact same thing for much less work on my part.


So, there we are so far.

With luck we will avoid any unexpected expenses for the next 6 weeks and might even be able to buy siding!

Assuming Mayhem doesn’t hit Havoc in the mouth with a Wiimote, breaking off a corner of his tooth ($303 for repair) again. Or one of them pushing the other off a tree branch breaking a leg. Or my car needing new brake pads to pass inspection. Or the septic tank overflowing, Or the fridge breaking down. Or *insert other pricy problem that has to be fixed right now here*.

Wish us luck. The 5 day mud room project has now been dragging on for 4 months.

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2 comments to Progress Update

  • This motivates me to FINALLY post about my laundry room updates. But hey- at least your door shuts.. and you have a window!

  • This reminds me of one of the very first “This Old House” projects. They were going to re-do an old barn. The number of problems they ran into was hysterical. . . bad plumbing, termites, Indian burial ground (okay, maybe not that, but pretty close). By the end, the only pieces of the original barn were a few planks used in doors for the library. . .