Monday Meanderings

We were well occupied these last few days before school starts Thursday.

We went bowling


Mayhem had more football practice & loved every minute of being able to tackle people

2012-08-14 18.09.23

DH decided to reframe the porch thingy side window.


Mayhem pitched a screaming crying fit when he lost all Wii privileges for the weekend.

And Havoc disapproved of my taking photos of Mayhem’s fit.


The gym hosted Parent’s Night Out. DH & I went out to supper

2012-08-18 17.12.41

And then, because we are all romantical & stuff we decided to got to Lowes, look at siding for the porch thingy and then foolishly considered our options for dealing with this:


More on that as the situation develops.

I’m taking the kids to meet their new teachers today. We’ll be bowling again tomorrow and going to the park Wednesday.

Then Thursday morning I will get up at the ungodly hour of 6:30am & get the kids ready for school. Followed by cleaning every inch of the living room & kitchen and then sitting in a clean house & enjoying the silence for a couple hours before meeting DH for lunch.

How was your weekend? Have your kids started back to school yet?

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4 comments to Monday Meanderings

  • My kids go back a week from today. Can’t decide if that’s too soon or not soon enough!
    I love that first bowling picture, and your husband could be a Lowe’s ad!
    I bought avocados and sweet potatoes to make your salad. Clara’s eaten mot of the avocado, but I saved a half and hope to try the recipe today.

  • Poor Mayhem! The Chosen One and I have equally romantic dates lol Enjoy your last day with the boys home and then your first day with the silence :)

  • It’s next Thursday for us – one more week of freedom to go!

  • Date night at Lowe’s – I love it! We need to do that too….our fix it list is getting too long. Have fun meeting the teachers!