It’s Football Season!

Not that it ever really stopped being football season in Mayhem-land.

He’s kind of obsessed.

It’s all football, all the time, all year round with him.

To say I find this a tad tedious might be understating the situation.

It’s more like “OMG kid! It’s frikken APRIL! There is nothing remotely football related going on right now! Let it go! Find something, anything, else to talk about!”

But now it’s August and there are pre-season games on so technically it’s football time again.

Just to be clear, I don’t have the emotional baggage for football that I do for baseball. I just sort of like a variety of conversational topics to occasionally occur in the house and a lack of college or pro football games seems to me to be an excellent time to talk about thinks like astronomy or paleontology or even that perennial favorite “Who left the open bottle of juice sitting on the kitchen counter?”

Mayhem disagrees.

This year we signed him up to play kids football and he is in his element.


Adult approved full force plowing into another child? Mayhem is all over that.


and he is persistent about it



He will take you down




He’s always reaching for the guy with the ball



I’m pretty sure when the offense goes into a huddle their main topic of conversation is “How do we stop Mayhem?”



They tripled teamed him once


It didn’t work



I have a vague hope all this activity will lead to less fighting with his brother, but no one can push your buttons quite like a sibling and Havoc is a pro level button pusher when it comes to Mayhem. Then when Mayhem reacts, Havoc follows up by shrieking “He’s going to kill me” in a voice so terror filled that were I not their mother I might actually believe him and rush to his rescue.

But I am his mother so instead of running into the room to save my baby, I briefly look up from the book I am reading and shout from the bedroom “Leave him alone!” and let them figure out just who I am speaking to.

The useful thing about having two children of the same gender is you can be ambiguous in your use of pronouns and still be addressing the guilty party.

The first game is next weekend. Here’s hoping we have a good season.

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7 comments to It’s Football Season!

  • They all look very cute all “manned up” in their grown up looking kit!

  • Rinda

    Those are great photos. My kid never played football – I’m sure I would be nervous. But Mayhem sure looks to be in his element!

  • Mel

    Oh, of course, that kind of football :) Took me a moment to realise that it wasn’t soccer! (Our football/soccer season has just started so we’re all a bit absorbed in that at the moment. Hereford are playing tonight in a ‘top of the table’ clash against Newport, for example. Actually, I say ‘all’, but The Boy is definitely NOT absorbed in football/soccer, he hates sport… Anyway!)

    I was going to comment on the usefulness of controlled aggression etc, but it seems that the physicality still comes home, ah well! I totally agree with the cunning use of pronouns as a parenting tool, though I have to be a bit more inventive since I have a him and a her, even if the her is fairly him-like…

  • Like in soccer, I love all the little scrums in little league football. Those tight wads of bodies moving as one across the field. Good luck for a safe and fun season.