The Thrice Accursed Mudroom

Porch thingy.


I’m a day late for Storytelling Sunday over at Sians’s blog From High in the Sky and the roof is indirectly tied into the reason why.

You may have heard the Mid Atlantic region here in the US got pounded with some major storms Friday night. Thunder, lightening, driving rain, hail and huge gusts of wind blew around a lot of stuff doing lots of damage and taking out power all over the place.

We were without for 10 hours and that is incredibly long for us. Sadly the host locations for the two broadband towers I can see are without power. And the site I regularly use had it’s tower bend in half in the winds.

So no internet for me at home anytime soon.

Back to latest episode in saga of the blasted mudroom.

But first another aside.

I watch a show called Serial Killer Earth that is all about natural disasters and how people are invovled in them – mudslides in urban areas, avalanche in Nepal, lightening storm in Australia, tsunamis and lots of tornados. All with plenty of footage of people doing dumb things out in dangerous weather. And I always wonder who these nutjobs are. The ones standing out in their yard because ‘we’ve never seen an actual tornado before’ and the ones filming them. Who does that?


Apparently I do that.

The stupid action, not the filming. Only after the event did it occur to me that since the kids were going to stand right there in the kitchen door no matter how many times we told them not to I should have told them to go get the camera because I would have loved to see the footage.

So the mud room…


The only proof I have of Friday night is this photo. You can kind of see how the roofline sort of bows above the green dot? How it is clearly not at all level?

This is not because absolutely nothing in this house is straight and level. It is because the roof was nailed down, in a rush job, during a storm with driving rain, hail & gusting winds.

Oh, and no power.

Friday night the lights started flickering & we could see lightening off in the distance so DHgets up to unplug the tv & the computers & things and goes on porch thingy to turn off the fan we have there to help vent the warm air up by the roof. And he hears this “WHUMP” sound a couple times and realizes the wind is pulling the roof off. It had been nailed from the top & the wind was strong enough it was pulling those nails up.  So he grabs a rafter & shouts for me to get him a hammer & some nails and I start scurrying around the porch in the dim soffit light. Suddenly the rain starts & it is driving in the screened windows but there is no time to deal with the fiddly two part process to put the windows up because I can see the roof being lifted up while DH hangs on.

The nail gun is out of power.

I can find no unbent nails of sufficient length anywhere on the porch. So DH says I should hold the roof while he looks. Then the hail starts and the power goes out and the boys suddenly appear in the kitchen door crying because the hail & power out scared them and they have no idea why Dad is cursing and Mom is holding on to the roof rafter in the rain.

I hold on to the roof, getting soaked, while DH finds some headlamps & flashlights, gets the boys to settle in the living room, and then digs around in the utility room for nails. The wind is gusting and I am on a step ladder to reach the beam.  I can feel the wind pulling up at the roof and I am wondering at what point do I decide to let go and that is when it occurred to me that I am one of those idiots on that show.

But you can’t prove it because there are no photos.

Eventually nails were found and after a few false starts the roof was nailed down about 10 minutes before the storm ended. DH & I were drenched. The boys stayed up until 11, reading by flashlight and we had power back Saturday morning.  DH then undid all the nailing, leveled the roof, renailed it and put hurricane ties on the outside.

So the frame is going no where. The plastic panels? Well… only time will tell with them.

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7 comments to The Thrice Accursed Mudroom

  • Oh dear that sounds scary

  • What an experience for you all. It must have been quite frightening at times, especially with no power. Hope the weather improves and you are able to get the roof sorted out.

  • Oh oh oh Stacey that’s so f̶u̶n̶n̶y̶ annoying!! The final insult being that no sooner had you tied everything down than the storm petered out! Glad it’s sorted now though (off to Google Hurricane ties). You’ll have to show H&M how to use a video soon because I’ll bet you could make some money from blooper-type videos about the mudroom!

    • they know how to use the Flip video we have. They made short films about the chickens & when they are out camping. it just didn’t occur to us to make one then until it was too late

  • That’s alot of excitement in a short space of time. Isn’t it amazing how we only think about the idiocy of our actions right when we are in the middle of it and too late to change our mind :-)

  • Wow! As we travelled home over the last couple of days we have been through some pretty bad weather – but nothing near this! I’m glad everyone is safe and sound – I’ll be back to catch up on what else has been happening when I’ve finished unpacking!