Something new!

I have a to do list I keep by my desk & slowly but surely I work my way through them.

Very slowly.

I did manage to bang out a number of things on it the past few internet free days including two 2 page spreads for Journal Your Christmas and tagging all of 2012 photos with name & location/activity.

They don’t require an internet connection.

I have a brief window of internet at the moment and I decided to knock another item of the list while I could.

I created a Facebook page for my blog

You can click on the image to be taken to the page, where you can ‘like’ it or, over there —–> is my badge where you can also like the page.

Hopefully, once you like it you will get my blog posts in your stream. Assuming I have everything set up correctly.

I suppose time will tell.

Not me. It can’t tell me. I don’t have regular internet access yet.

There is a bucket truck in my yard, but it’s not for me. I’m just the customer nearest the damaged signal tower judged most likely not complain about having the bucket truck in their yard to save them having to drive it 50 miles round trip to save time while repairing the tower.

The downside for them is I can be laying in wait for them when they come for it and badger them about my own bent receiver tower, “Why not fix my tower since you’re here anyway? Oh no time? Well, see, I have hidden your spark plugs, so you have ALL the time in the world.”

There is something else new going on but I don’t have the photos with me to share so I’ll have to leave you in suspense for now.

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