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While we are stalled on the accursed porch thingy, waiting for a special order window (4 weeks) Brad found time to work on another yard project.


Can you guess what it is?

It’s a new chicken coop!


You can see our old small red & white coop, with it’s small chain link fence area in this photo.


But we needed a bigger one ASAP.

The reason is these ladies


There are 3 Ameraucanas (the brown ones), an Australorp (the black one) and the stripy one, whose brand I forget.

We got them from a friend on July 2.

They were much easier to name than the 3 brown rhode island reds we got from a different friend in December.

The striped one is called Breakaway because she is always looking for away out & is most likely to break away from the group. The black one is called Obsidian for obvious reasons. The other three are Blondie, Goldie and Brunhilda.

They are very very slowly integrating with other chickens. Very slowly. The brown hens chase them & peck at them and mostly we have two rival chicken gangs hanging out in the pen. The originals clump together at the front of the pen, where the food & door are and the new ones clump together at the other end of the pen.

I sit outside & watch them sometimes. The little ones wait until the original chickens’ backs are turned and then they run as group down to the food box and eat as quickly as possible before one of the older hens notices them and then they run as a group to the other end of the pen.

We can’t let the original bunch out to roam right now because the new hens are too new and not integrated with the original bunch and we worry they might get lost.

The new hens are too young yet to lay eggs, but should start in about a month.

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