Nail art fail

I’ve had this watercolor nail art on my Pinterest board for a little bit & I decided to give it a try yesterday


It seems fairly easy & the instructions are straightforward enough. It looked easier than water marbling, which I can pull off but I tend to get polish all over the place when I do it & fail 1 nail out of 3, leading to far too much redoing.

Base coat, dots of the polish you want, put a piece of plastic over it, press down & spread it out a little.

What could possibly go wrong?

I gave my nails a base coat of white


& lined up a couple other colors


Then I put dots on them and pressed the plastic over them.

Somehow though I did not end up with the same results.

The polish smeared and left big clear spots where the undercoat was carried off by the new polish on the first nail.

So I thought, ok, press more gently on the next nail.

No. More smears and spots.

I did 4 nails and this is what I ended up with


In the words of Craftfail – NAILED IT!

Have you tried any Pinterest inspired projects and failed as miserably as I have?

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4 comments to Nail art fail

  • ohhh Stacey, that is epic fail lol I had in on my blog Saturday, so glad the queen of nails tried it before me! Here’s hoping your nails have a much better design today ;)

  • It really did look too easy, didn’t it…

  • I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest for this very reason! I think nail polish companies are stocking their photos on the site, just to sucker us into buying their product. ;) It may not have worked out for you, but I give you credit for trying! Every time I paint my fingernails with anything other than clear coat, I mess it up within seconds.

  • Hee hee!! This is what always happens when I try a craft project on Pinterest!! Glad to know I’m not the only one! :-D Visiting from SITS Saturday Sharefest!