10 on the 10th


I’ve found my reading topic for the summer! 

And it’s inspired this 10 on the 10th post. 

Due to budget cuts (thank you transmission & dental crown) my summer reading has to be free or under $2 a book. Between my library and all the kindle books under $2 this is easy to meet but somewhat limited in variety. You pretty much have to like Contemporary Mystery or Paranormal Romance with Thrillers making up a distant third to have a decent choice of reading material. These are not genres I would normally choose but I wanted something different this year.

Over the past month it has become obvious that I am going to be reading Contemporary Mysteries this summer.

Contemporary Mystery is not my favorite topic due to the unbelieveability of the sleuths.

Oh, they are usually fine for a single book. After all, anyone can stumble over a dead body.

Heck, even DH did it when he was a teenager.

But he didn’t KEEP finding dead bodies.

To continually come across dead bodies… I’m sorry but if people connected with your tea shop keep dropping dead I want a damn good reason why you are not the the primary suspect each and every time.

And I never get a damn good reason, or any reason come to that, just a sort of official ‘oh you again’ exasperation and I simply cannot believe it after 3 books of you finding bodies.

So I am adapting to this personal idiosyncrasy of mine by only reading one book per series, if a series exists. If it turns out to really grab my attention then at the end of summer I will pursue it. The goal of this summer is not to read as many different contemporary mysteries as possible but as many different sleuths as possible.

In honor of that, my topic for this 10 on the 10th list is the employment types of modern sleuths:

1. Baker/Owner of a bakery – pie shop, bread shop, cupcake shop, cake shop, wedding cake specialist

2. Other Food related jobs – food writer, food blogger, chef, chef’s girlfriend, restaurant reviewer, health inspector, waitress, party coordinator

3. Teachers – English professor, math professor, history professor, ball room dance instructor (no, really) , cooking instructor

4. Supernatural – witches (professional & amateur) , psychics, ghosts, ghost hunters, fortune tellers

5. Home related – real estate agents, home decorators, cleaning women, land lady

6. Shop Owners (non-baking) – bed & breakfast, used books (often mystery books only), quilting, yarn, sewing, tea shop, coffee shop, clothing, vintage clothing, antiques

7. Anachronistic – blacksmith, boarding house keeper

8. Jobs – antique experts, medical examiners, restorers, retail worker, personal shopper

9. Hobbyists – button collector, knitter, crochet, scrapbook, quilting, gardening, crossword puzzles, sudoku

10. Other things – cats, pet psychics, PTA members, Historic Estate managers, authors (often mystery writers)

I don’t know that I will get to all of these. I have finished about 6 of them and have 4 more sitting on my nightstand. The rest are either on my kindle or on a list to pick up at the library. I don’t have the time but I really want to read two or three of every series to see how they explain finding the next body and give props to whomever has the most creative excuse for say a food blogger to once again find a dead body at some blogger meet up or restaurant opening without the police saying “Wait, haven’t you found a couple of bodies before? Maybe you should come with us.”

That’s all I want really, just for authority to actually ask the question “What is with you and all the dead bodies anyway? We never had a single murder in this small quaint New England/Southern town before you found that one body and you keep on finding them. We’re up to 9 the past year alone! All found by you or your friends. What is up with that?” at some point.

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17 comments to 10 on the 10th

  • LOL!
    We always thought the old lady from “murder She Wrote” had to be a serial killer. Love your reading challenge for the summer.

  • Yes, I find the only thriller/mystery/noir type books I can read even remotely plausibly involve PIs in big cities. At least they have some professional reason for investigating murders/kidnappings/other crimes and it’s not surprising that there are tons of them in places like LA and NYC. The rest of the plotting is probably just as far fetched, but at least those hurdles are jumped reasonably.

  • What an ingenius list for Ten on the Tenth. Like Rinda, my family always wondered about Angela Lansbury on Murder She Wrote…not that she was the serial killer type but who in their right mind would EVER visit Abbott’s Cove?!

  • Great list for 10 on the 1oth. Thank you for visiting my post – it gave me the opportunity to pop over and say hi. Glad I did because I am currently up to my elbows in books. I am part of something called Bookcrossing. I don’t know if you have heard of it, but basically you get books for free and have fun while doing so! Can’t be bad! I posted about it here:


    Meanwhile I am getting books ready to release. I love leaving books for others to find, like your mystery books there is the element of ‘who done it’ and ‘who’ will find the book. Will they play along? This is to be revealed! Have a good day and enjoy your summer reads.

  • Jak

    Great 10! Had a chuckle to myself reading the comments. I always thought it was odd that Jessica Fletcher had so many relatives…agree too about about Abbots Cove.

    We have a programme in the UK called Midsommer Murders…someone gets murdered practically every day in Midsommer, I mean who in their right mind or in the real world move/stay there! haha

  • I see Midsommer Murders on PBS sometimes. Like with Miss Marple & her village…I just don’t see how they sustain that many deaths

  • S

    It looks like you have quite the stack there to tackle – enjoy! I love the lighter mysteries like Miss Marple and Kiki Lowenstein for the entertainment value of escaping from reality. But I am starting to get into more psychological based mysteries like Maisie Dobbs, although I definitely steer away from anything too graphically violent.

  • Alison

    LOL! I was going to mention Midsomer Murders too…how there is still actually anyoneto be murdered alawys amazes me…enjoy your summer reading!
    Alison xx

  • I am really looking forward to reading your thoughts on these books as I just know they’re going to have me laughing out loud.
    I actually like contempory/cosy mysteries and I’m quite happy to go along with it all and enjoy, but I do see your point of view. There are other things in books that niggle at me. Dead bodies piling up around the one person however, this I can cope with :)

    • Stacey

      I love cozies too and some I can get behind. I love Miss Marple, I’d love to be an extra in one of her mysteries. There are several series that I read. But a ballroom dance instructor? Some plot set ups I just can’t get behind.

  • LOL You have to be talking about the Hannah Swensen mysteries for which I have an odd affection.

    • Stacey

      I read some of hers last year I think. I love her cookie recipes but Hannah & friends are a little too prudish for me. I read the books though, so I can get the recipes. :)

  • Excellent point. That would be an awesome element to add to the stories.

    I’m not a big mystery reader, but I did love The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. At least she was a detective, so there was a reason for myseteries to come to her.

    Good luck with your project. Stopping by from SITS. Have a great weekend.

  • Um . . your DH “stumbled on” a body when he was a teenager. That’s a story I’d like to hear. :)

    I understand your frustration with the limited genres in the cheap books. I’m right there with you, and I get so sick of the same story and same red herrings over and over again.

    Stopping by from SITS. Happy reading.