Stuffed eggs

We are averaging about two dozen eggs a week from our hens.

I am awash in eggs sometimes.

Every weekend I hard boil a dozen eggs and turn 9 of them into deviled eggs or some variety of stuffed eggs.

We like a straightforward deviled egg – mayo, dijon mustard, & cider vinegar.

But lately I have been experimenting with alternatives. I came up with this guacamole inspired recipe


You need one ripe avocado, 9 hard boiled egg yolks, a grated garlic clove, the same amount of grated leek, lime juice, cumin and salt. Or you need a ripe avocado, 9 hard boiled egg yolks and some garlic powder, some onion powder, lime juice cumin and salt. Basically mix it all together until really smooth, then fill hard boiled egg whites. I have no measurements for the powdered seasoning because I never measure them. I’d say probably I start with about a teaspoon ish or so of garlic & onion powder, maybe a quarter teaspoon of cumin. Maybe a teaspoon of lime juice. Then taste and adjust as needed.

You want to serve these fairly promptly & not ice cold from the fridge. They’ll keep in the fridge 3-4 hours fine but like avocado itself these eggs discolor with time. After about 6 hours they start to turn a very unappetizing grey.

I’m working on a hot wings version now.

This is the summer of stuffed egg dishes.

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  • I love deviled eggs (also of the straight forward variety), but I really can’t follow you down the guacamole path . . . LOL!