One thing after another

Last weekend the males went camping.

The plan was, they would leave early Saturday & come back mid afternoon Sunday or later. Then Monday, assuming a lack of rain, there would be work on the porch thingy.

While they were gone I would sand & seal the kitchen island & then scrub & seal the kitchen floor. Then I’d soak in the tub for awhile, eat some sushi & lay in bed reading until all hours of the night.

They left after lunch, so I sanded while they were home or I’d be seriously cutting into my sushi eating time.


Please note all the footprints. I was sweeping up sawdust for days.

After they left I scrubbed the floor. No photo because depressingly a freshly scrubbed slate floor bears a remarkable resemblance to an unscrubbed slate floor.

I didn’t seal the floor because I am still experimenting with grout cleaner & didn’t want to seal in dark stains.

Everyone will need to go camping again once I have sorted out grout stain removal.

After everything was scrubbed I considered going into town to get sushi but decided to be all frugal & stuff and just have a sandwich.

Then I took a bath, but for some reason there was only enough hot water to fill the tub about halfway. My first thought was “dear god! not the hot water heater! not the at least 15 year old hot water heater we can’t really afford to replace!” but after I waited about 10 minutes the hot water returned & I had a bit of a nice soak.

Then I read until all hours of the night.

About 1pm on Sunday DH called and mentioned that his truck’s transmission was making strange clunking noises and I was all “hey god! we can’t afford a new transmission either you know!” DH said he’d bought some fluid & it seemed fine but he’d call around Tuesday & see about get it looked at but for now he & the boys were going to visit our friends & then head home in a bit.

At 3pm he calls and says the sound is back & if it comes to it I might need to meet them where ever it dies but he’s hoping to make it home.

At 4pm he calls to say he’s an hour north and I need to come get them.



Minimum $1500, which is all we have left in savings after his MRI, my car repair, the dog’s surgery, my crown, the boys’ dental appointments, the porch thingy, my CT scan, not to mention my surgery which I haven’t even been billed for yet.

So Sunday sucked in a big way and we had a long conversation on the drive home about austerity measures that would make the ones the Greeks face look freaking generous by comparison.

But then, the IMF isn’t standing around waiting write us checks either.

Monday it was time to salvage something out of this debacle and since the porch thingy is mostly paid for (except a custom window and some trim) we decided to work on it. I scrubbed the new to us roof panels, which were filthy because they’d spent 2 years as the roof of a chicken coop somewhere an hour away & had never been washed, or even hosed down, once in that time. And DH cut and put up the trusses.

But first we put on the house wrap


then he put on the trusses


So there is at least that. With any luck, assuming no rain, we can get the roof on and doors or windows in this weekend. Maybe both!

They’ll be working on DH’s truck until sometime next week, when we will hear the final costs. Apparently some parts can be rebuilt but others need to be new. $1500-2000 they estimate. 

Can 2012 be over now? I’m done with it. I really am.

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