More of the Same

And so it continues with the 95 Ford F150

We had this back in mid May


Hoses & something else for the radiator. Something relatively easy to repair, right the on the front of the truck at the top of the engine.

Then at the end of May there was this


Total transmission failure. Beyond DH’s ability. Had it been a manual transmission he would have tried doing it himself because he’s done that before but he didn’t want to attempt taking out & putting back an automatic one.

Then back on the 14th he called me to say is truck was not just leaking coolant, but gushing it. He did manage to get the truck home. It switched from a gush to a leak while he was driving but once he stopped in the driveway it was gushing again.


So he did some Googling & talking with some friends who did auto repair & all sources agreed it was the plugs

They are these things


And they are located underneath the engine block, so to replace them you have to unattach the block from the frame & lift it out of the way. It’s easiest if you can just take it out of the space entirely and work on it but it is just barely possible to do it from underneath the truck.

But only just barely because of how they are located.

We have no way to remove an engine block from the truck body but we can lift it.

Removing an engine block pretty much means a $300 minimum labor charge at the mechanic’s.

The plugs are $1.70 each.

There was no choice really.

There are 4 of them – two in the front & two in the back. The leak was in the front.

3.5 hours after climbing under the truck to unattach the block DH was able to remove the old plugs


Well, there’s your problem.

The big holes were made by him pulling them out, but the smaller ones & the tear on the upper part of the left one were already there, hiding under a bunch of corrosion.


Once they were replaced & sealed there was some waiting & some running the engine & some letting it cool down & some repeating of the process & then, when no leaks appeared, everything was reattached where it belonged (2+ hours) & the truck was taken for a test drive & pronounced fixed.

Naturally the plugs couldn’t start leaking right around the time the transmission died so we could just bundle their repair in with the new transmission. The engine was already out for that, there was no extra labor needed.

Of course they couldn’t. Pshaw!

They start leaking 6 DAYS after we pick the truck up from the repair place!

6 DAYS!! They didn’t even have the common decency to wait a WEEK, let alone a few months.

Rude effing plugs, not understanding the rules of a civilized society.

I have to laugh because the alternative is screaming.

Though the laughter is getting a tad hysterical at this point.

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