Wordy Wednesday


It’s a dino dance party!

Maybe. Honestly I am not too sure what the heck is going on here.

Mayhem got the Skylanders game for him birthday and some of the various Skylander characters. Every now and then the boys save up some money to buy more or we reward them with a couple so now, 4 months later, they have a decent sized collection of them.

The Skylanders are standoffish though.

I never see them mixing with the clones or the Legos.

I can understand them not mixing with the dinos. The dinos are territorial and quickly took over the place when they first arrived. The trains and toy cars put up no resistance at all when the dinos conquered Sodor back in 07.

The Legos did take them on, capturing the baby ones, but lost out when the big dinos smashed their transports.

The clones were much better armed (and sized) and there were quite a few skirmished before an uneasy peace was brokered. Neither group like Darth & the bounty hunters so they went with the old ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ arrangement and problems now only seem to happen during the annual Christmas card photo shoot.

I’m guessing the baby dinos were curious if they would have special powers when they stood on the platform, like the Skylanders do.

But they were disappointed and rather than smashing things a dance party broke out.

That’s my story. And I am sticking with it.

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