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DH was finally able to indulge a long held desire for a Kubota tractor in May 2006.

The riding mower we’d had for 9 years broke down and would have cost more to repair than a new one. We have 3 acres of land that is mostly open field with a strip of pines at the front of the property and a cluster of various trees in one back corner.


There is a lot of grass to mow if we want to keep the bugs down.

The riding mower was adequate at the task but Dh had been longing for a tractor with a front loader ever since we rented one to dig out part of the gravel driveway. We had quite a few yard projects still to complete that would benefit from the front loader.


He brought the tractor home & unloaded it in the driveway.

The boys were all over it in a second


Havoc went straight for the steering wheel while Mayhem shouted “RAC-TOR! RAC-TOR!” as he climbed all over everything, trying out every level & button.


They were delighted when DH took them for a ride on it & from then on one or the other of them insisted on riding with whoever was mowing the grass. We have a nice flat area behind the house where we could let them steer with no danger of them hitting or running over anything. The mow job looked hideous and it took forever because we had to go so slow but they were able say they were “Dwivin rac-tor”


They’ve been too big the last couple of years to sit with us while we mow, but Havoc is almost big enough to drive it himself now. A couple more inches and he’ll be able to reach the peddle while wearing the seatbelt.


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16 comments to Storytelling Sunday

  • Oh my – I’m sllightly envious. That tractor would fill my entire garden! But what fun for two little boys!

    Dropping in from Sian’s.

    Julie :-)

  • That must be every young boy’s dream, your very own tractor! Great photos and a great story.

  • Mel

    Wow, that is some machine! We have a garden so small you could cut the grass with a pair of scissors and it would only take 1/4 an hour or so…

  • Alison

    A small boy’s dream!…we have no grass, which is great as the one gardening chore I hate is grass-cutting!
    Alison xx

  • Gosh, you would laugh if you saw our grass – we have a pocket handkerchief garden! What a great experience for them, though, freedom and fun with tractors sounds hard to beat

  • Nice piece!
    Have a nice Sunday,
    Cheers from France

  • The Mow job may be horrible but the memories are wonderful. Glad your dh got his toy/tractor :)

  • Your boys look like they are in heaven with that tractor, like a toy but real!

  • I think most boys would be in heaven with a tractor of their own, great photos!

  • What an amazing amount of space to mow. The photographs are wonderful. What boys wouldn’t want a ride on that red machine! Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Sandie

    What fun! I bet the boys loved the tractor rides. At least Havoc will be able to help out soon with the grass cutting! My own story this month was about tractors too, they are pretty useful things!

  • What fun! I bet the boys loved the tractor rides. At least Havoc will be able to help out soon with the grass cutting. My own story this month was about tractors too, they are pretty useful things!

  • Cheri

    Ahhh, boys and their toys!

  • What a little boy’s dream come true! I especially love Mayhem in these pictures. Thanks for sharing,

  • At least when he is big enough you will have a ready volunteer to cut the grass :-) Doesn’t time fly and they grow up so quickly.

  • Sorry I’m late catching up with Storytelling Sunday – broken laptop & weekend away!!!

    Now that’s what I call a mower – funny to see photos of H&M looking so small!