Some more 31 things pages

I’m about 4 things behind but catching up. I seem to be able to do 2 pages at a time when I sit down to do them, but there is so much journaling it can be an all day process of working out what I want to say before I sit down.

Then I end up saying something entirely different anyway.


I’m working on Evening & Nourish today and since I do all my cooking in the evening I might just make it a two page spread with my journaling tying it together.

I’m also working on a post of the highs & lows of the past weekend. If you follow me on Instagram (staceylynn42) you saw the lowest point.

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2 comments to Some more 31 things pages

  • Great LOs. Love the pictures of you through the ages. I am doing the class but am just writing in a note book at the moment.

  • I think you’re doing a great job keeping up. I misread a line in your “work” page. I read it. . . “The children I thought I had arranged fell through.” I laughed because I feel like that some days!