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I’m done with the days of the week and just need to finish the ‘lists’ page and the cover. I also need to find out if I need a back cover because that will change the image I use on the front. Here is the rest of the week. I kept the photos to about the same amount but the journaling picks up as the week progresses


This is probably the most scrapping I have done all year & its not really even scrapping as I see it. More like photo book assembly. Not a paper or embellishment to be found. Just as well. I’d still be on Monday if I had tried to do it that way.

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  • Great job – I love that you included a self-portrait every day. I just finished going through my pictures and deciding which page each one I’m using will go on. I need to go buy adhesive before I can mat (as necessary) and assemble. I’ll end up using 70 photographs total!

  • Those look so neat. Good idea!

  • These are fantastic, Stacy! You are so creative with the pictures you take, and these really express the flow of your days. Love ‘em!