guess what?

Know what happens when you have a whacked jaw, jacked shoulder & messed up arm and you simultaneously stop going to your chiropractor appointments AND also start spending an extra 2 or so hours a day on the computer?

All those aches & pains that had gone away decide to come back.

Yeah, A Week in the Life has had an effect on me in many ways.

I have two more pages to do.

Those two pages are just of 6 simple lists, no photos, just centered text.

I’ve already designed the template.

But not only did those 2 extra hours take their toll on my body, but them as well as the time taking the photos as well have left the house a mess, and I have a long list of calls I need to make, and stuff to return, and lets not discuss the grocery issue.

Also, Thursday I had a CT scan of that lump I have had for at least 7 years, possibly 9 and Monday I was told they are almost certain it is an endometrial lump.

They say they can’t imagine it’s cancer but they can’t swear to it, you know, just in case their imagination turns out to not be as vivid as it ought to have been.

So I could choose between having a needle biopsy done or just having it removed. Or nothing. Up to me, but the biopsy at least is recommended. Just to be sure what we’re dealing with. But again, almost positive it’s an endometrial lump.

I opted for the removal. If I hadn’t finally decided enough was enough last month I wouldn’t have started this whole process.

Then the surgeon floors me with this option:

“Do you want to be awake, with a mild sedative & local anesthetic? Or do you want the full anesthetic?”

This was right after I explained to him that I have been under the knife 3 times & on all 3 occasions I had full blown hysterics in pre op that lasted from signing the consent forms until I was sedated in the OR.

Naturally I was all “knock me the hell out! In pre op! Let me sign something now that give DH the right to sign the damn consent form and put me out as soon as I show up.”

Turns out ‘rational adults’ can’t do that and I tried to explain that actually I’m pretty much irrational from the moment I arrive at the hospital and am perfectly willing to start jabbering in tongues if it will prove my point.

Apparently just thinking the idea up proves me rational.

Now that I have had time to think about though I am reconsidering my stance. Part of the whole hysteria thing is from the “you could die” language of the consent forms. It’s terrifying. Seriously. Just thinking about being taken into the OR, right now, while I type this is making my hands shake. Explaining it to the doc had me in tears.

But I am thinking I made that call while under the influence of remembered terror and maybe I should think about the awake option.

It’s a straightforward incision. The lump I sonly about 2 inches long and is sitting on a muscle. The doc thinks the whole thing should take about 30 minutes, 45 at most. My post op recovery instructions are pretty much “don’t do any ab workouts for a week.” I can see why the option to be awake is there, it’s not really an unreasonable choice.

It’s not organ removal and I was awake for the baby removal after all. Granted I was in hysterics until the spinal block kicked in but after that I was joking with the ob & nurses about how hungry I was. And it’s not like they are going to let me see it done.

I do worry about the local not taking though. A spinal block is one thing, a couple shots of lidocane or whatever they are using these days, is something else entirely. I have had a mole cut out & removed so I am not unfamiliar with the process on a smaller scale

What would you do, given the option?

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12 comments to guess what?

  • Oh, knock me out baby. I see no reason to make it any more difficult than it needs to be. I don’t want to see/hear what they’re doing or saying. Send me to la-la land! In fact, I kindof want to go now!

  • Hello Stacey, sorry you have all your aches and pains back…yukky. Time for a trip to the chiropractor?

    As for the surgery…have you considered hypnotherapy, from someone who deals specifically with medical situations? It’s generally thought to be very helpful for nervous patients, labour, surgery etc.. Just a thought – maybe it would spare you some of the fear and hysterics beforehand. And that would surely help with your difficult decision about the surgery options – and speed your recovery afterwards!
    Not sure what I would do, given those options. I sympathise, as it is a hard choice… Not fun.

  • I would take as much drugs as I could. Only because I know I require a lot so I don’t feel anything, so yeah. It’s expensive and you feel like crap for a few days after, but I’d rather have that then be in pain during the procedure.

  • Alison

    I’d be put out too Stacey..I’m a coward!
    Alison xx

  • I didn’t get a choice. I had a carpal tunnel decompression op and they only do it under local. And actually I was allowed to watch but I decided there was no way that was happening and looked the other way the whole time. The only thing I felt was the last stitch going in. I did faint afterwards but then I’m prone to that; I faint at the sight of needles going in and it was no big deal. I will have to have the other hand done some time but having been through it once I’m not in the slightest bit bothered – it’s worth it to have the function back.
    Have you considered going to a hypnotherapist? At the very least you’ll learn some relaxation techniques which may help. And just sign the form don’t torture yourself reading it!

    • Unfortunately they read it out loud to you and then say “Do you understand?” at the end of every paragraph. On the one hand I’m glad they are being thorough, on the other hand I really wish they were not.

  • middlechild

    I had a biopsy of the thyroid and it hurt but I lived. I think I would go the removal route. I had a D&C once and they did an I.V. push? Niiiice.

  • middlechild

    BTW, as soon as you get in the prep room and hooked up to an IV, they can and should give you something to relax.

  • awww {{{Stacey}}} hate that you are having so much pain and stress. I am terrified of being put under as I had a very bad experience after my C section…it probably was all the prior epidurals and not the general anesthesia but it scared the *&^% out of me. When I had both knees done 2 years ago they put me under and it wasn’t bad at all. Given that you have explained to the dr how scared you are I would think he could prescribe something for you to take before you even get to the hospital, that way which ever route you have chosen, you’ll be relaxed.

  • I had a minor op on my foot a few years ago. It involved having a bunion cut off, the joint broken and pins put in. I had a pain block (injections) but was awake for the whole thing. It took about 45 mins, I think.
    They were very careful to make sure that the pain block was working. They were ready to make a further injection if they weren’t happy when they came round to check. More to the point, I was happy that I couldn’t feel a thing in the area.
    They had a screen between me and my feet, and someone at my head to keep reassuring me if needed, but I was fine. I could feel vibrations from the saw when the bunion came off but that wasn’t unpleasant.
    I’d have a local again quite happily. You really can’t feel a thing, and you don’t get the groggy side effects that you have from being knocked out.
    Hope that helps :)