All’s well

The whole surgery thing went well & apart from some random teary moments starting when I was told to change into the gown and ending when I laid down on the operating table I held it together.

2012-05-17 11.30.28

No hysterical sobbing at all.

Of course unlike every other surgery I wasn’t full of post partum hormones.

That became something of a running joke with the nurses & me. I’d explained that for my prior surgeries I’d had a baby along with me. One c-section, then my appendix out 11 days later and then 6 weeks after Mayhem was born I had my gall bladder out so extrapolating from that data I ought to have a 5 month old with me & it was rather disconcerting not to have a baby along.

Then DH would not leave the bed’s foot control pedals alone so the bed would go up and down, front & back separately, at random.

Basically I ended up giggling more than crying thanks to the wonderful man I am married to and some great nurses.

And the pain/irritation of having an iv in the back of my hand. I’d much rather not be able to bend my arm & have it in the crook of my elbow because it doesn’t hurt there once it’s in. I swear I feel the iv rubbing on my hand bones when it is in my hand & that hurts.

They’d booked the surgery for 90 minutes but it took much much less time.

The took me back to the OR at 11:38 and were loading me in my car to go home at 1pm exactly.

Apparently I recovered from the anesthesia quickly. Though ‘recovered’ is a relative term.

I was awake & aware while we drove to a few pharmacies looking for vicodin, some sort of supply issue problems I gather, and then we stopped for take out sushi because I was hungry. I was starting to feel a bit out of it about a mile from the house. We got home just before 2 and I laid down & woke up at 6.

The morphine they gave me during surgery wore off about 10pm. I’m not in pain but I am sore from the incision. Maybe slightly more sore than the lump was at it’s worst but I know when this pain goes away it won’t be coming back so I can cope.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts & prayers

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