Wordy Wednesday


My breakfast this morning.

I go in for a CT scan in a couple hours to see what is up with my endo and the possible incisional hernia.

Just to make things interesting, last night I had a cyst rupture on my ovary and spent an hour writhing around & crying in stabby agony on the bed while waiting for the Advil & hot water bottle to kick in.

DH wanted to take me to the hospital but I talked him out of it. All they would do is say I ought to go have a CT scan or maybe an ultrasound in the morning & charge me $10 a pill for more Advil.

I know this because every few years I have this happen & have been to the ER for it before.

Normally it is on my right side, which until I had my appendix out, always made them concerned it was my appendix, but once that was gone they were all “Eh. Here’s some Advil, go home & rest. That’ll be $300.”

And since the agony generally only lasts about an hour with just Advil & a hot water bottle,by the time they see me in the ER the worst is over.

This time it was on my left side, where the endo & possible hernia are, so it’ll all get looked at anyway.

On the plus side it did wait to rupture until I’d been home for 15 minutes or so and didn’t happen during the baseball game or while I was driving home.

This barium is some nasty tasting stuff too.

So you know… past 12 hours…not really a good time. But I am treating myself to some sushi after the scan so things are looking up.

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4 comments to Wordy Wednesday

  • Oh my – I’ll keep a good thought for you.

  • Ugh! There was a stretch in my early 20s where that would happen about once a month. Hideous. I hope you are feeling better and the scan shows something useful so it can get taken care of. They never did anything for me, but happily it stopped after about 6 months and hasn’t ever been a problem again. *knocking on wood*

    Good luck with the scan and enjoy the sushi!

  • Middle child

    Hope all goes well for you. Take care of yourself. And rest.

  • Alison

    Hope they get you sorted out soon!
    Alison xx