My Offline Life Lately

The arm/shoulder/neck is in better shape. I can stay on the computer for longer periods of time now but I still need to spend more time off than on.

What have I been doing with all this time?


I finished one crochet project


and started another


I did some coloring for a project my friend Mel is organizing.


I organized the utility/storage room


and I painted my nails many times


I also managed to spend some computer time doing a couple layouts



I’m really hoping that by the end of this month I can get back to doing more scrapping. Not to mention photo editing & blog commenting & posting. And oh yeah, work.

It’s been really hard trying to decide how to spend my allotted 20 minute increments & usually I just give up and look at Pinterest instead. 

So if you are on Pinterest, please follow me so I can follow you back & have fun new things to look at.


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3 comments to My Offline Life Lately

  • Aaarrggghh – totally forgot about Mel’s faces- thanks for reminding me. Love all your creations. You should start a guess what it is? competition with that second cross stitch picture.

  • I’ve also got some Mel faces to work on – love your layout!
    Nice job on the laundry room.

  • I do hope the shoulder is 100% soon. I was in the first round of Mel’s Faces project and really need to do something with the images!! I always love seeing what you have done with your nails.