A week in the life pages

So far I have been good about doing pages the next day. I knew waiting until the end of the week would be a disaster for me. I have been using Instagram to take most of my photos & while I don’t use the edited version in the pages, I knew I wanted to go with square cropped photos throughout, so I have been doing my best to compose the photos on my D40 with that in mind.

It’s been trickier than I thought it would be but I have averaged about 30ish photos a day, giving me approximately 16 scrapable photos a day.

The other thing I knew was taking 50+ photos a day would also be a disaster for me because it’s unsustainable over the whole week. Oh sure I could do a 3-4 page spread for Monday detailing every activity of the day but by the time Friday rolled around I’d be burnt out and only take 8 photos all day long. Half of them would no doubt be blurry as well.

Know your weaknesses is my motto.

And my weakness is laziness. Anything that requires too much sustained effort spread out over days is highly unlikely to ever see completion. 2 pages a day is about my limit.

These are the pages I have finished so far. I’m going to work on Thursday this afternoon.


I’m not entirely happy with the first Wednesday page. It feels off balance to me. Maybe I need to stack the title work…

How are you doing with your week in the life, if you are doing it?

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4 comments to A week in the life pages

  • I love what you’ve done so far. And I know exactly what you about taking less photos as the week progresses.

  • I love the selection of photos you’ve used on the pages so far. They look great.

  • Nice job! My challenge is to make sure that I upload and edit the pictures each day (and then compose a blog post every couple of days), that way the task does not get too big. I will print them over the weekend and then scrap them in paper next week. I started last Saturday because I find the weekdays fatiguing and knew that I wouldn’t have energy to do the picture thing during the weekend.
    So, today is my last day! I’m feeling pretty happy with what I’ve got.

  • nicole

    These are fantastic. Love what you have done with the kits.
    Also, designhousedigital is having a big sale on digi kits, if you are interested.