7 more weeks til summer vacation

We just finished Spring Break in our little county.

For the first time ever it ran differently than the neighboring counties, meaning my kids & my friends’ kids only had ONE DAY of break overlap. So for two days those kids taunted mine after school and for 4 days mine got to return the favor.

Or would have had we seen my friends’ kids at all on those 4 days, but we didn’t because we were very busy doing… I don’t know… something or other.

I had thought that after a year of getting fairly decent sleep my memory might improve to the point where I could remember what I did 4 days ago.

Or even yesterday.

But no joy there.

I spent Friday afternoon trying to recall what we did during the week so I could write a fun filled recap post for today but the best I could come up with was – dentist on Monday (which I only remember because it was nearly $400 and I tend to recall spending large sums of money on non-fun things.), went to the gym Wednesday morning & Thursday had ham & cheese sandwiches no one ate for supper

That’s it.

Mayhem has to see an orthodontist ASAP because there is no room in his mouth for 2 of his 4 front teeth to come in where they are supposed to. Mayhem is 8, which really seems a bit young but apparently if we get right on it we might avoid long term stuff like braces. Havoc, unexpectedly, seems to be doing ok on that front, a couple teeth are a little crowded but so far the guy thinks his mouth with grow to fit them. We’d expected it to be the other way around.


(I used Instagram for this photo, it came out for Android the day before Facebook acquired it. Coincidence? I think not)

Tuesday we did … I’m drawing a blank. I’m sure we left the house at some point so I am guessing we went to Wal Mart. Havoc’s hair is shorter so maybe we got his haircut? Though that could have happened Wed or Thurs.

I did make it to the gym Wednesday. I only remember that because I paid $4 of the $8 in childcare fees with loose change having been totally wiped out of cash by the dentist.

Thursday… thursday…hhmmm.. oh wait! I made chewy granola bars on Thursday (or maybe Wednesday). They taste like Special K snack bars more than Quaker Oats Chewy Granola bars but I think that is because there are rice crispies in these. Havoc thinks I overcooked them but they were no cook granola bars so I don’t know what he is talking about & when I try for actually details he can’t give me any. Mayhem likes them though.

After consulting my camera I did recall that the Skylanders & the dinos had a dance party Thursday


At least I think that is what is going on.

Friday I finally tracked down a rotisserie chicken, having spent every previous day of the week stopping in various grocery stores in search of one so I wouldn’t have to cook supper.

I did cook supper. There were the ham & cheese sandwiches people only ate half of, and spaghetti, and one night I made daube, which is fancy French pot roast. According to my Facebook stream, it was Wednesday night but you wouldn’t know it from my memory.

Normally I am better organized than this. Having the kids home all day threw me off my routine I guess.

In 7 more weeks they will be home all day for 11 straight weeks so I suppose I need to get my act together or summer is going to be a vague blur of uneaten sandwiches & an endless hunt for rotisserie chicken.

Saturday was Havoc’s first baseball game.


He was up at bat 3 times, hit the ball twice and scored a run twice. His team won the game 0-15 after 3.5 innings. Our team’s pitcher is very good & their team only managed to hit the ball once. Their pitcher & catcher are still working out their rhythm together & most of our runs came from stolen bases after one or the other failed to catch a ball. I have the feeling Tuesday’s game will be a bit more competitive.

After the game some friends came over & their kids and ours had the first backyard camp out of the year. They played flashlight tag until 10pm when we sent them to their tents but I suspect they were up for awhile afterward. Mayhem was so tired Sunday morning he took a 2 hour nap and that never happens.

While Mayhem was napping DH and I cut a bunch of wood and nailed together the frame for the wall of windows in the mud room we are building


Pretty much the whole wall is just one window after another with about 6 inches between each. We’d have nailed them together as well but DH couldn’t find the concrete drill bits to drill out for the bolts to attach the wall to the concrete patio & there is no point making a 22 foot wall if you don’t have anyplace to put it.

Today I ‘meeting him at Lowes to look at doors for the mud room. The only thing I really recall with any clarity from the week, and only due to endless repetition, is yelling “Shut the door all the way” at the boys as they went in and out over and over again. I told DH I wanted doors with those self closing springs.

And I want those springs to be wound so tight you have dash through the doorway at speed so the door doesn’t hit you on the ass on the way through.

I am also having my follow up visit for my crown this morning. I get the permanent one put on. Supposedly a short & painless visit but as always I am deeply suspicious of that ever happening.

Later in the week I get to go visit some surgical associates to see about getting fixed what is probably a surgical hernia dating back to my c-section with Havoc.

Between the crown, the jaw problem, the neck & shoulder problem, the arm problem, the endometriosis problem and now this surgical hernia problem 2012 is rapidly becoming the year my body fell apart. Hopefully though like with auto repairs, once you get all the little nagging issues sorted out you are good for another 30,000 miles or so.

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7 comments to 7 more weeks til summer vacation

  • Oh, dear… your memory is about as good as mine! Try fish oil / evening primrose supplements, plus some b-vitamins. Good for little fuzzy brain-cells – also quite good for falling-to-pieces bodies. I hope it all gets fixed up soon, so you can enjoy the next 30,000!

    Do your kids Really get 11 weeks summer vacation? Ours only have 6 – and there have been rumblings that this is “too long” – apparently they forget everything they ever learned in school, during that 6 weeks. Strange… I never did…neither did DH – and J. certainly doesn’t! Still, it would be nice to have an extra couple of weeks – make it up to 8 – but I don’t think we’d handle 11; we would all go crazy (though we could have an amazing long holiday to somewhere, but still have several weeks at home too!). Perhaps your children get less time off at Easter and Christmas – ours have 2 weeks each. They also get a half-term break of 1 week in each school term.
    (not that “holidays” seem to be counted as such by school now; they seem to see it as a nice, convenient Study Break, where our kids can jump through numerous homework hoops and produce volumes of project work, towards their exams… sigh… and it all really kicks off next year, when he starts GCSE studies in earnest!)

    Hope the dentist visit went well and you are now the owner of a shiny new Crown! Photos please?

    • We don’t get the half term breaks & our Easter break is only one week, in some places it was only 3 days. Our kids only go to school 180 days a year. I think the 11 weeks is a bit much personally & 180 days is a bit short.

  • Hope all went well with the crown, I’ve never had an issue with getting the actual crown placed but seem to have nagging problems for the first few months. Sounds like you have enough nagging issues without adding to it. You will have to keep a journal or jot notes on your calendar this summer ;)

  • I am having lots of problems with names lately. I’m so glad that baseball is going well.

  • THIS is exactly why I have to write down notes every day in order to actually be able to have some journaling for Project Life at the end of the week. When Sunday rolls around, for the life of me, I can not remember what we did for at least Monday – Thursday!

  • Oh good, it’s not just me with a memory like a sieve! Eleven weeks holiday? Wow! We get 6 over here in the UK and I thought that was a lot in one go. Sorry to hear that you are having health problems and hope that your theory on that is right and once you are fixed you will be good for a long time to come!